Environment, Health & Safety

Snap-on Policy on Environment, Health and Safety

As one of Snap-on Incorporated’s core values, we demonstrate integrity. A key component of this includes our pledge to protect environmental quality and human welfare in our workplace and our surrounding communities. Snap-on is committed to creating quality products, while providing a safe and healthy workplace and acting as an environmentally responsible neighbor. It is our ongoing goal to make health, safety, and the environment a priority when managing existing and developing new products and processes. 

We drive our environmental, health, and safety values through our supply chain and those with whom we do business. We undertake focused efforts to integrate our environment, health, and safety standards into any acquisitions. In addition, Snap-on suppliers are expected to protect associates’ workplace health and safety, human rights, and environment. At a minimum, they must be law-abiding, complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate. 

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