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Automotive technician working on a vehicle


From technicians to shop owners and managers to dealership service and parts managers, Snap-on serves the ever-changing needs of a wide range of automotive professionals. Increasing vehicle complexity and emerging technologies continually spawn new repair problems that demand up-to-date solutions. Snap-on helps professionals keep pace with a continuous flow of new innovations in hand tools, power tools, tool storage, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and management systems.

Aviation technician repairing an aircraft engine


Aviation & Aerospace

If it flies, Snap-on helps clear it for takeoff. Snap-on has the experience and capabilities to tackle both the manufacture and repair of small private airplanes, military helicopters, the most advanced commercial jets, or even the latest space rockets. These capabilities have grown over the years to include FOD (foreign object damage) prevention, tool control, tool accountability, lean process design and safety. Offerings range from hand and power tools, to torque and precision, to structure tools from drilling to riveting. 

Technician repairing a vehicle in a repair garage


Collision repairs, whether performed at an independent shop or an OEM dealership, encompass everything from minor body dents to major frame straightening. But it’s more than just pounding or pulling. Today’s complex vehicles require a whole new level of sophistication to ensure that vehicles can be brought back to their original form and function. Snap-on offers a wide range of advanced collision repair solutions including wheel alignment, frame straightening, laser and camera technology measuring, welding equipment, and induction heating. In addition, we provide essential tools, technical development, and training academies focused on collision repair.

Construction technician working on equipment

Construction & Agriculture 

From raising skyscrapers to repairing combines, the jobs are tough and time is short. Snap-on offers a broad range of specialty tools to effectively tackle these and other critical tasks time after time. This essential work is frequently performed in challenging environments where the efficiency and durability of Snap-on solutions are all the more valued.


Since the early days of the electronics industry Lindström has been the brand of choice for manufacturers performing high volume work and critical applications. Our RX Series Ergonomic pliers were the first tools specifically designed to fit the hands and needs of the user. The RX Series revolutionized the hand tool industry meeting the specific needs of electronics assembly, military electronics and aerospace production. As these industries matured, devices shrank in size and increased in complexity. Lindström developed new profiles on pliers and cutter types to meet their demands like Ultra-Flush® cutters for anti-shock military applications and extra-small tip cutters for microscopy applications. Superior quality is the most valued feature of all Lindström products, from the famous Swedish steel to the detailed fit and finish.


Heavy Duty Technician working under the hood

Heavy Duty Trucks & Fleets

Heavy duty mechanics and shops tackle some of the biggest challenges when it comes to truck maintenance and repair. Snap-on offers must-have tools for large and small fleets, independents, dealerships, utilities, owner-operators, maintenance shops, repair shops, and mobile truck service. Snap-on offers a full range of specialty hand tools, power tools, diagnostics, wheel alignment, tire changers, wheel balancers, diagnostics and repair information designed specifically for heavy duty applications.

Snap-on Manufacturing Associate


In every manufacturing sector from aircraft production to electronics assembly, uncompromising safety, greater efficiency and increased productivity are essential objectives. Snap-on offers solutions that provide repeatability and precision, keys to eliminating waste and creating value. Besides standard hand tools, power tools and tool storage, our specialty tools and unique integrated tool control programs include everything from tethered tools and wall-mounted tool control boards, to the industry leading Level 5™ Asset Management Systems - major weapons in the battle for increased efficiency and productivity. 

Medical Device Manufacturing

Lindström is the cutter of choice for manufacturers of medical devices – both for trimming materials and assembling high-tech miniature electronics. For over thirty years, Lindström cutters have been used to manufacture pacemakers, stents, catheters, guide wires and more. Lindström has led the way in providing hand tools that perform to the specifications of manufacturers for a wide range of materials including platinum, nitinol, stainless steel, titanium, and proprietary meshes and weaves. We offer cutters for hard materials like Stainless Steel or Nitinol with our new range of tungsten carbide cutters. At the same time, when cutting more than two convolutions at a time, we have recently developed a Medical Series that will improve the efficiency thanks to the long lasting cutting edges.


Worker cutting metal using a Bahco product

Metal Cutting

Whether for high-technology commercial, military, aerospace or power generation applications, or occasional operational use, Snap-on offers a full range of metal cutting tools, under its storied European Bahco brand. Included are high-performance bi-metal and carbide bandsaw blades for a variety of general purpose and production cutting applications. Built on more than 130 years of cutting expertise, Bahco combines its experience with the latest metallurgy and bi-metal engineering innovations with high tech milling and grinding processes to enable the production of sharper and stronger teeth. State-of-the-art heat treatment processes ensure high consistency and greater welding alignment. Whatever your metal cutting application, Bahco has a superior bandsaw solution to fit your needs and help you produce the best results.


Military & Defense

When the United States and its allies need a tool provider they can trust when in harm’s way, they turn to Snap-on. For 100 years, Snap-on's industry leading assortment of products has supported all levels of military operations and government agencies. Whether by land, sea or air, when the mission is critical, Snap-on is ready to serve. 

Worker standing beside a large dump truck


Natural resource extraction, whether in the Antarctic or the mountains of Chile, is hard work. The conditions are punishing and the machinery is massive. Service tools need to be strong, durable and dependable. Through a deep understanding of mining companies, their equipment and applications, Snap-on has delivered unique solutions to many of the global leaders in mining.

Technician repairing oil and gas pipes


Oil & Gas

Extreme conditions call for tools and solutions that can stand up to the job. That’s why Oil & Gas pros trust Snap-on for their most critical tasks. Whether onshore or offshore, upstream or downstream, crude or refined, Snap-on provides specialty tools that are engineered to deliver peak performance and safety where the cost of failure is high.

Two technicians servicing a wind power turbine


Power Generation

Utilities are responsible for providing power for tens of thousands of people. They need powerful tools and solutions that deliver. Snap-on tools are engineered to provide the highest levels of performance, comfort, and safety possible, whether used in electricity generation, electricity delivery, or utility fleet maintenance. From a single wrench to a complete turnkey tool installation, Snap-on products, services and capabilities help keep the lights on. 



For generations Snap-on has offered a complete selection of innovative tools and equipment specifically designed for the Railroad industry. Over time, we’ve learned what it takes to make the right tool for the job by staying in constant contact with our customers. Snap-on Railroad Specialists have been thoroughly trained to troubleshoot, pinpoint and recommend solutions to particular tool problems.

Automotive students learning to repair a vehicle

Schools & Students

Snap-on has extensive experience serving a vast network of schools, administrators, instructors, and students through its Snap-on Technical Education Program. Partnering with organizations like the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), Snap-on helps technical educators identify the skills that today’s industries need. Because of our experience and know-how, Snap-on is uniquely positioned to deliver industry supported curriculum and hands-on training with the latest products. 

Viticulturist using Bahco Tools in a vineyard

Vineyards & Landscaping

Regardless of the location, Bahco is the responsive and dependable partner to professionals working in the world’s vineyards. Within horticulture, pomology and viticulture, professionals consider Bahco the choice to get the job done. Also within forestry management and landscaping, professionals consider Bahco tools to be synonymous with top quality, durability, safety, comfort and consistent performance. We listen to those who manage, protect and improve the land, understanding what tools they need for the tasks they must perform.