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How can I obtain the latest version of ShopStream Connect™?

The full installation of ShopStream Connect is available here. If you already have a version of ShopStream Connect installed, the automatic update feature will notify you when a new version is available, and guides you through the the update procedure.

Does ShopStream Connect support Windows® 10?

ShopStream Connect now supports use with Windows 10 capable PCs.

Can ShopStream Connect operate on a machine with PCLink for ETHOS® or PCLink version 3.x installed?

ShopStream Connect supercedes the PCLink for ETHOS and PCLink 3.x products and as such these products do not need to co-exist. If you wish to install ShopStream Connect, it is recommended that you uninstall previous versions of these other products first. However, please note that while PCLink for ETHOS must be uninstalled prior to installing ShopStream Connect, this is not the case with PCLink 3.x, which may reside side-by-side with ShopStream Connect.

Are all the latest file types from MODIS™/SOLUS™/Vantage PRO™ supported in the ShopStream Connect viewers?

The majority of file formats are supported in ShopStream Connect, but some changes made in later bundles releases are not currently supported in ShopStream Connect. Please check regularly for updates, and download any new updates when they are available.

I am a PCLink 3.x / PCLink for ETHOS user, how can I access my old data files in ShopStream Connect?

By default, data files in PCLink 3.x and PCLink for ETHOS were stored in the "C:\Fast-Track\My Data" folder. In ShopStream Connect version, you can navigate to this directory in the tree on the left-hand side, and your files will be visible in the Data list. In ShopStream Connect updated version, a shortcut has been added to the ShopStream data folder called "PCLink Data" which provides easier access to this folder.

Why do I need the .NET 2.0 Framework to be installed on my PC?

The ShopStream Connect application was developed using the latest available software components from Microsoft, and because of this it is necessary to have the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework installed on your PC to run ShopStream Connect. Many other new applications will also require this framework, and it can be installed over previous versions (e.g. 1.0 and 1.1).

The ShopStream Connect installation automatically detects if this version of the framework is installed on your PC, and if not will request that you install it before it can proceed.

Further explanations and detail on the .NET Framework can be found here.

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