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EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program

EZ-ADAS™ from Sun provides precision tools that allow garages to quickly and easily recalibrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on today’s modern vehicles.

Calibrating ADAS functions to OEM standards can be challenging for many garages that want to keep up in the advanced automotive repair market. Even a simple repair can force you to perform ADAS recalibration, and without the right tools, your garage may have to refer out the work instead of keeping it in-house. 

ADAS system


What is the EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program?

We understand that being an expert in every vehicle manufacturer is not feasible or cost-effective, but you still want full control within your garage to repat a vehicle from start to finish. The EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program solves this problem by allowing you to never turn away work, and without the need to own all the specialist OEM targets or have OEM-trained knowledge within your workshop

What do you receive as part of the EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program?

You will purchase and own the Sun EZ-ADAS space-saving and easy folding designed stand. In addition to the stand, all members of the EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program will receive an OEM intelligence box that will give you direct contact with over 40 OEM experts at the touch of a button. The OEM intelligence box allows the OEM specialist to communicate with your ADAS Snap-on capable diagnostic tool to advise and give guidance to the ADAS systems on the vehicle and the setting up for recalibration, giving the technician advanced knowledge and confidence along the way.

Snap-on's OEM Technical experts can offer an additional paid-for service to recalibrate the vehicle for you. Giving you the confidence the job has been completed to OEM standard and giving you additional time to complete other jobs in the workshop. 

This revolutionary OEM Intelligence box is like having a technical expert from every OEM in your garage, without being on the payroll. 

Loaning the targets?

As an EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program subscriber, you will have access to rent any and as many targets as you required from Snap-on. It saves you money in owning all the targets you may require and saves on space within your workshop. 
Once you are a subscription member, all you will need to do is go to the EZ ADAS hub, choose the target/s you require using our target finder, select rent or buy and submit your request for the target/s. Delivery will be made on the day you request, for a standard rental period of 5 working days (you can request longer). After 5 working days, the target/s will be collected by a courier. 


EZ ADAS Features



Working with our precision laser technology, EZ-ADAS allows technicians of all skill levels to quickly and accurately place the necessary targets.





EZ-ADAS utilises a visible centreline that helps speed up the placement of targets and increase accuracy.



Reduce the risk of errors with laser technology that drastically cuts down on the number of steps required to achieve ADAS calibration.



The EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program Package

  • Target Stand
  • OEM Intelligence Box to gain access to OEM experts
  • Access to the EZ ADAS Hub website to rent any target
  • Access to the EZ ADAS App, for technical advice on target measurements 

Recalibration service from the expert OEM at an additional cost