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EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program

Is your garage stuck in the slow lane of ADAS repairs?

Modern vehicles are packed with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) that keep us safer on the road. But even a minor repair can throw these systems out, requiring recalibration to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards.

The problem? Calibrating ADAS can be a complex task. You need the right tools, the latest knowledge, and access to specialised targets for each car manufacturer. Without them, you're forced to turn away business, outsource or spend hours wrestling with unfamiliar procedures.



ADAS system


Introducing the EZ-ADAS Target Rental & Support Program: Your one-stop shop for conquering ADAS repairs.


This revolutionary program empowers your Garage or Bodyshop to handle any ADAS repair with confidence. Here's how:

Increase Your ADAS Skills: Never turn down a job again. The EZ-ADAS program equips you with the tools and support to tackle even the most complex ADAS calibrations.

Own the Expertise: Forget expensive OEM training or stocking every OEM targets. Our program provides instant access to over 30+ OEM Master Technicians, all at your fingertips.

The Magic Box: The EZ-ADAS program includes a cutting-edge Support Box. This connects directly to the vehicle you are working on, provides real-time guidance and advice from certified OEM experts. They can even perform the calibration for you directly through the Support Box. It's like having a team of 30+ Master Technicians in your garage, without the hefty price tag, who you can learn and develop your skills from.

Target Revolution: As a program member, you’ll gain access to a vast library of OEM approved targets available to rent. Our user-friendly online hub makes not only renting targets a breeze. Just select the target you need, choose your rental period, and we'll deliver it straight to your door. Focus on the repair, not the logistics. No need to waste money buying targets you'll rarely use. Simply rent what you need, when you need it, and keep your workspace clutter-free.

Exclusive Mobile App: Our user-friendly App guides you through target placement procedures and provides the information required to perform the calibration. With easy step by step tutorials, you’ll have the right information at your fingertips. 

Efficiency & Increased Revenue: Don’t waste time or money waiting for the third-party ADAS specialist to be booked in to then wait weeks before they can arrive. Make sure you can repair, calibrate and get the vehicle back to the customer, without wasting valuable time and space in your garage.   


EZ ADAS Features



Working with our precision laser technology, EZ-ADAS allows technicians of all skill levels to quickly and accurately place the necessary targets.





EZ-ADAS utilises a visible centreline that helps speed up the placement of targets and increase accuracy.



Reduce the risk of errors with laser technology that drastically cuts down on the number of steps required to achieve ADAS calibration.


Take control with the EZ-ADAS Target Rental & Support Program. Contact us today and unlock the future of automotive repair.




The EZ ADAS Target Rental & Support Program Package

  • Target Stand
  • OEM Intelligence Box to gain access to OEM experts
  • Access to the EZ ADAS Hub website to rent any target
  • Access to the EZ ADAS App, for technical advice on target measurements and tutorial videos

Recalibration service from the expert OEM at an additional cost