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It's what makes us different

When you choose a Snap-on diagnostic tool, you're choosing a legacy of excellence, ensuring that you're equipped with the most extensive and in-depth coverage for general and collision repair.

For over 35 years, Snap-on has remained at the forefront, consistently delivering innovative diagnostic solutions that keep you ahead in the ever-evolving automotive landscape. 

Below are features that are exclusive to you as a Snap-on customer

Snap-on Exclusive!


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  Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics

FAST-TRACK Intelligent Diagnostics

Discover the revolutionary world of Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics, the ingenious software meticulously crafted by Snap-on. It's the key to effortlessly bridging problems with solutions, empowering you to execute repairs with unparalleled speed and confidence.

This coveted software is a tightly held treasure, accessible exclusively through the below platforms:

The intelligent choice for the shop owner, master technician or anyone else who wants the most troubleshooting and repair information possible without wading through unnecessary steps. The ultimate diagnostic tool — and the ultimate timesaver.


The intelligent choice for the shop owner or general technician who’s looking to save time troubleshooting and wants the added convenience and advantages of a built-in scope.
The intelligent choice for the general repair technician who needs a tool that’s ideal for getting through the everyday tasks and offers the advantages of filtered code and vehicle-specific data to help find the right fix fast.
  Snap-on Coverage

Snap-on Diagnostic SoftwareAward-Winning Snap-on Diagnostic Coverage

When you invest in your Snap-on Diagnostic tool, you're not just acquiring a piece of equipment – you're gaining access to an unparalleled suite of software that will revolutionize your diagnostic journey.


With access to millions of codes, tests, tips, and data spanning back to 1981 and covering newer model years, our coverage rivals even the factory tools. Experience faster and more precise vehicle servicing, leading to increased efficiency, time savings, and, ultimately, greater profits. And now, the latest upgrade is here – don't miss out!

Consult our vehicle coverage guide for in-depth details on coverage provided by our diagnostic scan tool products.

  • Note: Optional adapters may be required for specific applications
  Security Link™

Secure Vehicle Gateway for FCA

Security Link™

Automobile manufacturers are developing solutions to protect their vehicles’ networks from unauthorized access, including potential cyber-attacks. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) recently implemented a secure gateway module that was introduced on a selection of their 2018 and newer model vehicles. For those vehicles with the secure gateway module, access to certain diagnostic functions requires registration and authentication through an approved device for all aftermarket scan tools.

How It Works

The Snap-on Security Link™ (formerly known as Secure Vehicle Gateway™) solution provides direct access to secure OEM vehicle gateway modules. Snap-on and FCA worked closely to develop a solution that uses FCA’s Aftermarket Scan Tool User Management and Tool Registration system known as AUTOAUTH to allow Wi-Fi enabled diagnostics platforms using current software to perform secure gateway functions.

All FCA secure gateway compliant solutions require device and user registration through AUTOAUTH. The Snap-on Security Link™ is designed to help navigate through this new process.

A Solution Now and Into the Future

As additional OEMs implement similar network protection technology, the Snap-on Security Link will help you manage multiple OEM accounts for direct from the tool vehicle network access.

For more information, contact a participating Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative or visit 


  Snap-on Cloud

Snap-on CloudSnap-on Cloud

When connected to Wi-Fi, you can automatically upload images and vehicle system reports to the new Snap-on Cloud so you can access them from your phone or computer whenever you or your customer needs them. With the Snap-on Cloud, make your next diagnosis — and your next repair — quicker than ever before.


  • With the most current Snap-on software loaded on your tool, capture vehicle system reports on your tool.
  • Take pictures and screenshots with ZEUS or VERUS Edge, create images with the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite and store them in the cloud
  • Create permanent links that take you directly to the saved image or vehicle system report that you can add to and access from your shop management software


  • Mark and order your files. Identify images as ‘Known good' or 'Known bad’.
  • Tag files to make keyword search fast for future reference
  • Get files by customer name, VIN or sort by date allowing for easy retrieval


  • Compare and share with peers
  • Share your images with other shops and techs


  • Adding up to 20 contacts, easily share files with your colleagues and contacts using My Network
  • Communicate vehicle system reports and images via text or email
  • Share pre-scan reports and images with customers to receive quick approvals for repairs
  • Forward pre- and post-scan reports and images to insurance companies to confirm OEM repair requirements have been met

To learn more, visit the Snap-on Cloud or contact your Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative today.

* Full access to Snap-on Cloud services is available with current software for ZEUS+, ZEUS, VERUS Edge, VERUS PRO, TRITON-D10, TRITON-D8, APOLLO-D8, APOLLO-D9, MODIS Edge, MODIS Ultra, SOLUS+, SOLUS Legend and SOLUS Edge

  On-Tool Vehicle System Reports

Pre-scan and Post-scan Reports

Why should I run a complete system code scan (Pre/Post-scan)

Performing a full vehicle code scan ensures peace of mind for you and your customers. Many systems do not turn on a light or put a message on the Diagnostic Information Center of the vehicle so this process can help uncover unseen issues!

A good practice would be to do a pre-scan before any work is done, to make the customer aware of any and all issues, then a post-scan after work is complete to confirm the repairs were completed properly. Pre- and post-scan is mandated by the manufacturers for pre- and post-collision work as well as by some insurance companies.

What is included in a Snap-on code scan?

It analyses all available systems for the vehicle plus Global OBDII codes and Readiness Monitors for a more complete view of vehicle systems. The system reports give an advanced insight into the state of the vehicle you are working on and can be run before you start the job, then again after you complete the repair.

Why should I run the reports?

The benefit is that you can immediately show your customer where the problems lie with a pre-scan report, and using the post-scan report you can then confirm that the repairs were completed properly. Copies of the reports can be given to the customer, insurance companies and also saved for your own records.

How easy are the reports to understand?

Very. The pre-scan report will highlight any issues the vehicle has, while the post-scan report will confirm that they have been resolved. Plus, pre- and post-scan labeling options on Vehicle System Reports spell out clearly each report’s purpose.

Just click on the examples below to see what they show.*

Pre-scan Report Post-scan Report
Pre-scan Report Post-scan Report

* Report format and output differ among diagnostic platforms.


ADAS Recalibration ReportADAS Recalibration Report

Meet the ADAS Recalibration Report, the handy companion report to Pre- and Post-scan reports. The ADAS Recalibration Report is used to show complete recalibration for one or many systems.

The ADAS Recalibration Report supplies a summary of the work carried out giving the next level of explanation to your customers and insurance companies. It identifies the vehicle, the system and date of recalibration. It also provides space to fill in input values and detailed results.

Used in tandem with the Pre- and Post-scan reports, it creates a holistic summary of the complete repair.

The report is linked with the vehicle job and if you're on the latest software and have Wi-Fi you can sync it to the Snap-on Cloud to share by text or email with customers and others.

The ADAS Recalibration Report is available on:
ZEUS+®, ZEUS®, TRITON-D10™, TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D9™, APOLLO-D8™, VERUS® Edge, MODIS Edge™, MODIS Ultra™, SOLUS+™, SOLUS Legend™ and SOLUS Edge™.

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