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OBD, OBD2 Scanners & Car Code Readers with Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics

What is an OBD Scanner? 

Onboard diagnostics, or OBD, is a term that refers to the diagnostics capabilities of a vehicle. An OBD reader (also known as a diagnostic scanner or scan tool) refers to car diagnostic equipment that reads the error memory and data stored in your vehicle's systems. 

So, with an OBD reader, you can access the data stored in the fault memory, and read out the fault codes in order to correct them. 

What is an OBD2 Scanner? 

An OBD2 scanner (also reffered to as 'OBDII' scanner) refers to the second generation of the onboard diagnostic system and is now the current standard. In 1994, CARB mandated by regulation that all new motor vehicles from 1996 onwards must contain the newly developed OBD2 system. 

Why should I buy a Snap‑on® OBD Scanner?

There are many OBD Scanners out there that will pull fault codes from a vehicle, however, we understand that to get to the fix faster, more data is needed. This is why Snap-on developed  Fast-Track®Intelligent Diagnostics.

What is Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics?

Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics is an industry first! Your Snap-on OBD Scanner will guide you directly to the fix with vehicle and code-specific Smart Codes and Data, expert information, functional tests and resets, and more. It eliminates guesswork, saving you time, and a lot of it.


 The ZEUS - Snap-on;s OBD and OBD2 Scanner

OBD Scanners & Car Code Readers with Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics 

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Smartest & Fastest OBD Scanner System


  • It identifies the fault code
  • Hones in on only relevant real fixes
  • Flags out-of-range vehicle data
  • Shows tests, recalibrations, resets and relearns specific to the fault code
  • Makes the accurate fix that much faster!

Car Diagnostics Software Where Everything is in One Place

Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics is your Mission Control for diagnostics. All the information and functions you need to complete your diagnosis and repair on one well-organised screen…

  • Top Repairs
  • Recalls, TSBs, OEM Campaigns
  • Code Specific Scanner Data
  • Functional Tests & Resets Procedures
  • Guided Component Tests
  • Expert Information

Brilliant Code & Vehicle Specific OBD Car Scanner

Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics advanced OBD-II scanner system with Smart Codes shows the information on THE code for THAT car.

Stop hunting around. Get only what you need.

Custom-Fit Diagnostic Tool

Why sift through pages of TSBs?

Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics advanced OBD scanner system shows only the TSBs for THE code on THAT car.

Starting to see a pattern?

Not Your Typical OBD Scanner

Smart Data is the special sauce of Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics advanced OBD scanner system. It continues to filter through information specific to the code and the vehicle, but it cranks it up further to highlight data out of expected range.

Forget the noise. Get only the targeted data you need.

That’s why we call it Smart Data!

Premium Car Code Reader Loaded with Exclusive Expert Information

Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics advanced OBD scanner system delivers expert information through SureTrack®.

  • Top Repairs shows you commonly replaced parts at specific points in a vehicle’s lifecycle gleaned from hundreds of millions aggregated repair orders
  • Over 40 million Real Fixes developed, reported and validated by real technicians