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Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics


What’s Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics? 

It’s a technology exclusive to Snap-on® diagnostic scan tools that saves you time with every single code.



What does it do?

Quite simply, it provides you with a diagnostic workflow that links problems to solutions, enabling you to complete the repair quickly and confidently.

With ten times more codes on vehicles today than there were just a few years ago, you need technology that makes diagnosing vehicle faults a quick and accurate process - which in turn will help you generate more income.


How Does It Work?


What Makes Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics Different?

Ready to Find Your Match?



Now that you know all about Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics, visit our Tool Matcher to find out which Snap-on Scanner is for you!



Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics Scan Tools

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