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Need Help Setting up Security Link™?

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Car manufacturers are actively protecting their vehicles from unauthorised access and cyber threats, by securing vital systems behind gateways.


We have partnered with manufacturers to bring you access to OEM secured modules through Snap-on Security Link™.


Snap-on® Security Link™ streamlines the process between you, the scan tool, and the manufacturer, allowing you to perform OEM secured functions with ease.


Manage Your OEM Registrations 


As more OEMs adopt similar network protection technologies, Snap-on Security Link™ offers a unified solution:


  • Manage all your Snap-on diagnostic devices and OEM registrations in one place - your Technician Profile


  • Once your devices are set up you are ready to get to work 



Snap-on Wi-Fi® enabled platforms on current software have secure system access to:


FIAT® Chrysler® Automobiles (FCA)
Renault® & Dacia®  
Volkswagen® Audi® Group (VAG)

Seamless Integration 


Seamlessly connect with Snap-on Security Link™.
Our system allows you to navigate the varying OEM registration processes with ease. Once registration is complete, compatible diagnostic tools connect to a secured vehicle's network with ease.

Snap-on Software


Ensure your Snap-on Diagnostic scan tool is up-to-date and connected to Wi-Fi to unlock the full potential of Security Link™

Learn about our Car Diagnostic Software

All Snap-on Diagnostic Wi-Fi enabled platforms, on current software can set up Snap-on Secuirty Link access. If it's time for you to trade up your platform, choose from the options below: