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Snap-on's Security Link™

Many car manufacturers are developing solutions to protect their vehicles’ networks from unauthorised access, including potential cyber-attacks. 
For vehicles with the secure gateway module, access to certain diagnostic functions requires registration and authentication through an approved device for all aftermarket scan tools.

Snap-on has introduced Security Link™ as a solution (previously known as Secure Vehicle Gateway™), to provide direct access to selected secure OEM vehicle gateway modules. Snap-on has been working closely with manufacturers to develop a solution that uses manufacturers' Aftermarket Scan Tools User Management, allowing Wi-Fi-enabled diagnostic platforms on current software to perform security link functions. 

Each manufacturer requests customer registration in varying different ways. Snap-on Security Link™ is designed to help navigate through this new process.

Compatible diagnostic tools can connect to security link seamlessly using a fast, easy and secure channel between you, the scan tool, and the manufacturers.


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As additional OEMs implement similar network protection technology, Snap-on's Security Link will help you manage multiple OEM registrations directly from the tool vehicle network access.
For more information, contact a participating Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative or visit

 Snap-on® Secuity Link™