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What is ShopStream Connect™?

ShopStream Connect is complimentary Tool Management Software which helps you manage your diagnostic records. What’s more, if you are on our subscription plan it also gives you the exclusive ability to update your Snap-on scan tool with the latest software upgrades, as soon as it’s released.

For those customers who have a current software upgrade service releases can also be downloaded using the ShopStream Connect software.

ShopStream Connect is a PC-based program that works with the ZEUS+™ TRITON-D10™, TRITON-D8™, APOLLO-D9™ APOLLO-D8™ and MODIS™, SOLUS™, ETHOS™, VANTAGE, MICROSCAN families.

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  What are the benefits?

ShopStream Connect is a Windows®-based Snap-on software application that helps keep you and your diagnostic tool productive and profitable every day.

  • Transfer, save, manage, review, annotate, e-mail and print files that were saved or recorded on your Snap-on diagnostic platform

  • Open scanner movie files on your computer that you have recorded on your diagnostic tools, as well as display up to 16 graphs on the screen at once so all of a vehicle’s scan data is immediately to hand

  • View and update your vehicle system and ADAS recalibration reports

  • If you have a platform that includes a scope then you can view lab and ignition scope recordings, auto play, step through frames and pages, zoom and use cursors to help analyse waveforms. Customise the display with scales and a grid. Reposition each channel individually, and invert colours for printing

  • Download service releases to keep your tool performing at the top of its game

  • If on our subscription programme download and install the latest software upgrade

  What are the system requirements?
  • Intel® Pentium 4 or equivalent business-class processor
  • Windows®10. See FAQs for this info
  • 512MB RAM minimum; 1GB RAM recommended
  • 500MB available hard drive space
  • Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • Display resolution XGA 1024 x 768 or higher
  • USB 2.0 or later for diagnostic platform connection
  • Adobe® Reader 8.0 or higher, for displaying user manual
  What file types does ShopStream Connect support?
  • Data Manager – Displays files with the following extensions
    • .lsc - Lab scope preset
    • .isc - Ignition scope preset
    • .vsc - ShopStream preset
  • Scanner DataViewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    • .pids - ShopStream Scanner “movie”
    • .scm - Scanner “movie”
    • .scp - Scanner Snapshot
    • .scs - Scanner Screen Snapshot
    • .spm - ETHOS Scanner “movie”
    • .Icm - Microscan Scanner “movie”
  • Scanner Code Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    • .xml - Scanner Code Files
  • Scope Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    • .ism - Ignition Scope “movie”
    • .iss - Ignition scope screen
    • .isp - Ignition Scope Snapshot
    • .lsm - Lab Scope “movie”
    • .lss - Lab Scope Screen
    • .lsp - Lab Scope Snapshot
    • .mmm - Multimeter “movie”
    • .mms - Multimeter Screen
    • .mmp - Multimeter snapshot
    • .vsm - Verus Scope “movie”
    • .vss - Verus Scope Screen
  • Image Viewer – Opens files with the following extensions:
    • .bmp - Screen Snapshot (bitmap image file)
    • .jpg - Screen Snapshot (JPEG image file)
    • .sps - Scanner Screen Snapshot

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