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One of the big innovations of Snap-on vehicle diagnostic software is Vehicle System Reports with the Snap-on cloud – which is designed to make pre- and post-scan reporting even easier.

Performing a pre-repair scan can find hidden issues and make sure customers are aware of problems before any work is done, while a post-repair scan confirms for them that repairs and services were completed properly.

With the new upgrade, the Vehicle System Report for pre- and post-scans on applicable platforms* can be automatically uploaded to the Snap-on cloud.

From there, the document can be printed, e-mailed or sent via text to help strengthen customer confidence in a workshop’s services — and it can be used to fulfil mandates by manufacturers and insurance companies for pre- and post-collision work as well.

Find out more about Vehicle System Reports with Snap-on diagnostic software and watch a video explaining the benefits.


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*Full access to Snap-on® cloud services is available with current software for ZEUS+™, ZEUS®, VERUS® Edge, VERUS PRO, TRITON-D10™, TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D9™, APOLLO-D8™, MODIS Edge™, SOLUS+™, SOLUS Legend™ and SOLUS Edge™.

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