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Car Diagnostic Tools & OBD2 Scanners

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How can an OBD2 Scanner help you?

OBD stands for 'On-Board Diagnostics'. The vehicle's system monitors and reports on the performance of components of the vehicle's systems. The reports are designed to alert the driver or technician to any potential problems or malfunctions.

OBD2, or OBDII, represents a standardised diagnostic system, mandated for implementation across all passenger and commercial vehicles. This system is used worldwide.

Why is using a Car Diagnostic Tool important?

A car diagnostic tool communicates with a vehicle's on-board computer system to retrieve diagnostic information regarding the vehicle's health and performance. These tools can read fault codes, monitor sensor data, and perform various tests to help identify issues with the engine, transmission, emissions system, and other components, enabling the technician to find and fix the fault.

What are the different types of Car Diagnostic Tools?

  • Code Readers: These are basic diagnostic tools that can only read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. They are typically more affordable than full-function OBD2  scanner, and does not provide advanced diagnostic capabilities.


  • OBD2 Scanners: These are handheld devices that plug into the OBD2 port of a vehicle (usually located under the dashboard) to read diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), view real-time data from sensors, and perform basic diagnostic functions.


  • Multimeters: Multimeter tools can be used to measure voltage, resistance, and other electrical parameters in a vehicle's electrical system. They are used to diagnos issues related to electrical components such as sensors, switches, and wiring.

What is Snap-on's Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics?

This is an exclusive Snap-on car diagnostic tool and OBD2 scanner feature that saves you time. Fast-Track ID filters diagnostic information only relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code you are working on, enabling you to repair the fault quickly and confidently. To see how it works, take a look here

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If you're uncertain about which Snap-on OBD2 scanner suits you best, why not take a look at Tool Matcher. Simply input your daily car diagnostic tasks, and we'll recommend the scan tool that aligns perfectly with your requirements. 

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