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Cam and Crank

If you think you're done with a car just because you fixed the issue, think again! Learn about the importance of post repair workflow!

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

With today’s technology HVAC work can be one of the most profitable types of work a shop or a tech can do. However, it can also be highly subject to a comeback if not serviced thoroughly, and a comeback is the biggest “profit killer” there is. The only thing worse than a comeback is they don’t ever come back!

EGR Valve Fault Codes & Testing

Learn about EGR valve fault codes and testing procedures to troubleshoot and diagnose issues. Get expert insights and tips here with our step-by-step guide.

Fuel Pump Relay Testing

A 2004 Opel Corsa with a Z10XE engine failed to start and there was no fuel pressure when tested at the fuel rail using a pressure gauge.

After The Repair - Are We Done? Post Repair Workflow

If you think you're done with a car just because you fixed the issue, think again! Learn quickly about the importance of post repair workflow!

Ford Focus DPF Sensor Issue

Read how a fault in a Ford Focus's diesel particulate filter sensor was diagnosed, repaired and verified using a diagnostic platform from Snap-on.

DPF Regeneration - A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how DPF regeneration works and why it's important. Discover different regeneration methods and how to perform a manual regeneration using a Snap-on Scan Tool

Selective Catalytic Reduction

Find out how selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and AdBlue technology work in modern diesel vehicles. Learn how Snap-on's ZEUS+ diagnostic scan tool can help diagnose and solve SCR system issues.

Mutual Induction

Learn about mutual induction technology and its role in ignition systems. Explore the principles and components of mutual induction for better workshop performance.

Renault Ignition Coil Control Circuits

Explore the unique control of spark ignition systems in Renault engines with direct ignition coils and the concept of 'wasted spark' operation. Understand the primary and secondary winding series connection.

Basic Understanding Of Ignition Systems

Discover the inner workings of ignition systems and the importance of ignition coil function in creating high-voltage sparks for efficient engine operation. Let's learn more by using a Fiat Punto with an engine code 188.A4.000.

VW Golf Showing Codes 01331, J386 & 01336

Take a look at this fix for a VW Golf Fix for Codes 01331, J386 & 01336. See the steps that located, diagnosed, and repaired a problem with a Volkswagen Golf's power windows, locks, and mirrors.

Testing a Vacuum Operated Solnoid Valve

Uncover the crucial steps for testing a vacuum operated solenoid valve, essential for diagnosing and resolving turbocharger wastegate issues.

Steering Angle Sensor Reset

Find out why resetting steering angle sensors is important and how to perform a steering angle sensor reset using a Snap-on car diagnostic scan tool.

The Difference Between Reflash and Relearn

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between a reflash and a relearn, Keith Wray, our Snap-on® National Training Manager, will tell you the difference. Check it out.

Secure Vehicle Gateways and Security Link ™

Vehicles today need a secure gateway to protect them from getting hacked, yet allow for diagnostic tool access. Read more about how Snap-on® is on the leading edge with Security Link®

Guided Component Testing

Guided component tests provide a high level of efficiency, productivity and profitability. Those big three benefits happen because of the first word, Guided. Let’s think about our two types of diagnostic tools – scanners and component testing. The scanner, which is like a nice compass, shows the technician which direction to look for the problem.

Automotive Communication Networks Part 2.

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a data transfer network designed to allow many nodes (modules) to communicate using a standard structure and format. This article will provide the technician with the necessary tools to successfully validate a CAN bus signal and help to identify faults where present.

Diagnostic Pre- And Post-Scans

Stay ahead in automotive diagnostics where we show you how to evaluate a brushless fuel pump with a Snap-on® tool equipped with Guided Component Tests.

Brushless Fuel Pump - Benefits, History, and How To Read On Diagnostic Tool

In this month's tech focus article, we'll take a look at the history of how the brushless fuel pump came about and how to use a Snap-on® tool with Guided Component Tests to evaluate a fuel pump.

ADAS Calibrations - Dynamic and Static

Do you know what ADAS calibration is? There are three main methods of ADAS calibration: Static calibration, Dynamic Calibration, and Initialisation. Furthermore, there are ADAS calibration tools, such as a diagnostic scan tool and proper calibration target that need to be taken into account. Learn about OEM procedures for ADAS calibration and more in the latest tech focus article.

What is Proxi Alignment?

The answer would be something like this: a programming process that allows modules or electronic control units (ECUs) to communicate with the vehicle. Take a look at this article which involves using a Snap-on TRITON-D10 to perform a proxi alignment on a Fiat 500.

Car Batteries

100 plus years ago cars did not have batteries. A bell or a “bulb horn” was used instead of an electric horn. Carbide headlamps were standard, and the engine was started with a crank. Carbide lamps are powered by the reaction of calcium carbide with water. This reaction produces acetylene gas which burns a clean, bright, white flame. In this month's Technical Focus article, we'll take a look at why automotive batteries need to be managed.

Resets and Relearns

This Toyota Prius had malfunction warning lights illuminated and two faults relating to the High Voltage System stored.Intermittently the vehicle would not enter “Ready Mode”. See how this Prius was put back into ‘Ready’ mode…

Car Timing Chains - A Case Study

The answer to that question varies greatly depending on whom you ask. It also varies, depending on what OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) the question might be referring. If the question was more specific such as, “Are timing chains still causing headaches on Nissan engines? Ford engines? GM engines? BMW? Audi?” The answer might be more specific. Take a look at this Technical Focus Article to find out!

Power Balance Testing | Ford Focus & Fast-Track®Intelligent Diagnostics Team Up

The cylinder power balance test is a way of measuring the power contribution of each cylinder. That contribution should be relatively equal across all cylinders.

Mercedes Sprinter 907 Rear Camera Calibration

Motor vehicles have become increasingly more complex over the last two decades to meet ever-tightening emissions regulations, increased fuel economy requirements as well as passenger comfort and safety. This added complexity means technicians are flooded with additional data when diagnosing vehicle faults.

Testing Digital Mass Airflow Meters

Measurement of the volume and density of airflow entering an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is critical to ensure the system is operating efficiently and within the emissions specifications.

How to Quickly Diagnose a Faulty EGR Position Sensor

The Clear View Flag Tracker is a feature that can help a technician to identify when a data parameter (PID) value goes out of specification. Here is how to use it:

Parasitic Draw Diagnosis

This article is designed to provide a technician with a process for identifying a parasitic draw from a vehicle battery. The key to diagnosing any issues with parasitic draw, is to ensure the vehicle is shutdown. Take a look here to learn more...

Diagnostic Investigation Using a Pressure Transducer

Pressure transducers can be valuable in our Diagnostic fault-finding process in many different ways. We can use the pressure transducer to look at ‘Fluid pressures’ such as fuel, transmissions, hydraulics, and ‘Gas pressures’, such as compression, manifold, and exhaust backpressure. Let's take a deeper dive into how to use this tool to find your diagnosis.

Streamlining the Diagnostic Process

The increase in sensors and ECU’s built the foundation for the next generation of vehicles. All these new sensors make vehicle diagnosis and repair more complicated than ever. So here our Snap-on's tips for streamlining the diagnostic process

Toyota Corolla Front Radar Calibration

Actuators on modern vehicles can be difficult to diagnose, with many technicians resorting to replacement rather than diagnosing the component correctly. However by using a methodical fault finding process we can quickly and accurately diagnose these components. Here's how...

Locking Down The Problem

A driver brought his vehicle – a 2008 Volkswagen Golf 1.9L – to be checked out as the front driver’s side door would not open. Take a look to see how this was solved using a Snap-on diagnostics lab scope.

Modern Vehicle Diagnostics

Motor vehicles have become increasingly more complex over the last two decades to meet ever-tightening emissions regulations, increased fuel economy requirements as well as passenger comfort and safety. This added complexity means technicians are flooded with additional data when diagnosing vehicle faults.

Toyota Prius High Voltage System Fault

This Toyota Prius had malfunction warning lights illuminated and two faults relating to the High Voltage System stored.Intermittently the vehicle would not enter “Ready Mode”. See how this Prius was put back into ‘Ready’ mode…

Ford Focus ST Case Study

The purchase of a new vehicle (old or new) is always exciting. Sometimes though, when purchasing second-hand, you can take on some faults that you may not be aware of. This customer had purchased himself a 2010 Ford Focus ST, and after a few weeks, experienced some symptoms...

PID (Parameter Identification) Trigger Function

Read on to learn how a Snap-on car diagnostic tool gives a simple way for you to monitor vehicle data when you are carrying out a road test as part of a repair.

Brake Light Brilliance

This 2008 Vauxhall Vectra C had a bulb failure warning light illuminated on the instrument cluster and the brake light on the right-hand side of the vehicle appeared to be lighting at full brilliance at all times.

Fun With Numbers - Boolean Logic

A symbol appears in both zeros of the one hundred. The first zero has a hexagonal centre to symbolise a socket, this is a link to the origins of the company and the “Game Changer” that is the interchangeable socket.

48 Volt Electrical System Class

Take a look at our 10 minute 48 Volt Electrical System Class here!

A Look At Electronic Throttle Control

Electronic throttle control has now become a standard fitment in all spark ignition engines. This has allowed for advances in technology such as cruise control, traction control, limited operating strategy (limp home mode) and engine speed limiter.

Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Test

Take the challenges out of diagnosing modern air/fuel ratio sensors by using this handy process in Snap-on scan tools with up-to-date diagnostic software.

Alternator Ripple Test

Read on to find out how this simple procedure within Snap-on's diagnostic platforms is a great starting point for your diagnostic process.

Audi A4 ABS Case Study

See what information a technician was able to gather via Intelligent Diagnostics from Snap-on in order to get to the bottom of some persistent warning lights.

Audi Real Fix

A 2008 Audi A6 2.0L PD compression ignition engine with engine code BRD had an intermittent no-start condition when the engine was up to operating temperature.

Audi TT Stalling in the Rain

Find out how Snap-on diagnostic platforms helped overcome the winter weather when dealing with an Audi TT that kept stalling in the rain.

Automotive Communication Networks Part 1.

Local Interconnection (LIN) Bus is a low-speed cost-effective alternative to CAN bus. In this article, we introduce how LIN bus communication works.

Automotive Communication Networks Part 3.

FlexRay is similar to CAN Bus as the data is transmitted over two twisted wires, which act to reduce the effects of external interference on the differential voltage between both wires. Data transfer speeds can be up to 10 times faster than CAN bus, operating at speeds up to 1 Mbits per second.

Blind Spot Radar Calibration - Post Collision

ADAS systems come in many forms, with everything from blind spot warnings to night vision technologies, and because of the vital job these systems do, it's important to ensure that they are properly calibrated and functioning to prevent any malfunction of the system.

BMW Rain Sensor Calibration

Learn how the car diagnostic tool software from Snap-on can help you quickly and easily reset and re-calibrate sensors when completing a vehicle repair.

CAN Network Diagnostics

See how a Snap-on car diagnostic tool can help you diagnose communication problems on a vehicle in a clear and straightforward fashion.

Coding Parts To Complete The Repair

A 2008 BMW E90 with a 2.0L spark ignition engine has been suffering from occasional rough running when starting and the engine management light is illuminating.

Deal With ADAS Work

See how working on ADAS systems is made easier with the innovative and unique combination of garage equipment and vehicle diagnostics from Snap-on.

Diagnosing Air Conditioning Systems

Take a look at some important steps you need to know when it comes to diagnosing car air conditioning issues, with the help of a Snap-on diagnostic expert.

Diagnosing Vehicle Communication Issues

Learn about a quick and easy way to test a vehicle's communication network and get to the bottom of no-communication problems efficiently.

Don't Waste Money Replacing Parts You Don't Need To

A 2005 Fiat Multipla had been to an independent repairer because the malfunction indicator lamp was on and it was running on limp mode.

Dual Screen Diagnostics

Make your life easier by using a Snap-on lab scope and scan tool to check and verify the correctness of vehicle scan data - on the same screen at the same time.

ECM Tests On A Non-Starting Vehicle

A certain amount of caution is necessary when attempting to start vehicles which have a discharged battery.

Electronic Throttle Control System Diagnostics

Read on to see how you can check data and test that the electronic throttle control system is performing normally – and how you can tell if there is an issue.

Engine Management CAYC

This article describes to technicians how a relatively simple fault became slightly more complicated to rectify when a component with different operating parameters was fitted. Damien Coleman will guide you through how to resolve the issue quickly and effectively by further investigation and testing, using a TRITON-D8 and a multimeter from Snap-on.

FIAT 500 Proxi Alignment

Learn about some short but important steps you need to follow when it comes to ensuring that replaced modules are fully recognised by a vehicle.

Five Top Tips For Fault-Finding - Tip 1

Modern vehicles can sometimes appear to be complex but troubleshooting most problems can be reduced down to applying simple logic to a specific circuit.

Five Top Tips For Fault-Finding - Tip 2

Although voltage testing is valid for circuit and wiring test, monitoring a current flow trace is the most accurate way of testing a component.

Five Top Tips For Fault-Finding - Tip 3

Prior to starting a repair, you should research all relevant data relating to the task. An example of this is investigating which special functions and procedures need to be executed after a repair is carried out.

Five Top Tips For Fault-Finding - Tip 4

With the implementation of Euro VI emissions standards, manufacturers are fitting additional hardware such as Pressure Sensing Glow-plugs (PSG) to monitor in cylinder pressure to accurately diagnose combustion anomalies.

Five Top Tips For Fault-Finding - Tip 5

You should rely on your knowledge of fundamental electrical principles when fault-finding an electronic sub-system.

Fixing A Corrupt CAN Network

A 2011 Peugeot 207 with a 1.4l common rail diesel engine wouldn't start. There was no voltage at terminal 50 of the starter motor when the ignition was turned.

Ford Coil Current RFI Test

Help make diagnosing a misfiring Ford a lot more straightforward with the aid of a quick and simple test available in Snap-on scan tools.

Fuel Pump Current Ramp Test

Find out about a quick and easy way to help diagnose fuel pump issues by using your Snap-on lab scope and diagnostic software to generate readings for analysis.

Fuel Pump Progress - Brushless Motor

The rise in demand for ‘high-tech’ vehicles has challenged engineers to rethink and create more sophisticated internal systems which promote efficiency. The humble motor is a great example of this with many vehicle manufacturers now using brushless direct current (DC) motors in automotive applications. The brushless motor has many advantages when compared to conventional ‘brushed motors’ but whilst more efficient, the commutation control of the brushless motor is more complex. Take a look at the article to learn more.

Fuel Trim Adaptation

The fundamental reason for the engine control module to implement fuel trim control is to meet the requirements of the exhaust gas after-treatment system.

Get On The Right Track

Find out how the exclusive SureTrack system from Snap-on helped provide answers when a Mini with an engine fault arrived at a workshop.

Go Further With Your Diagnostic Routine

Learn from industry experts at Snap-on about how having a solid diagnostic routine will help you be more efficient each time you face a troublesome vehicle.

Hybrid Vehicle Battery Technology

Learn some important information and safety tips to be aware of when you are working on the different types of batteries used by hybrid vehicles.

Ignition Coil Current Ramp Test

Find out how a simple test with a Snap-on lab scope can help you diagnose ignition problems on a vehicle.

Ignition Current and Voltage Comparison

Having a hard time determining if an ignition coil is faulty? A quick test on your Snap-on diagnostic tool lets you compare the voltage and current of a coil.

Lane Keeping Assist Inoperative

The development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have been a technological leap forward for the automotive industry. However, new challenges handling car repairs for workshops and body shops when ADAS systems are impacted are common. This deep-dive case study walks through the steps taken when a 2016 Mercedes E350 was involved in a collision and repaired, only to find that a warning message indicating ‘lane keeping assist inoperative’ was displayed in the instrument cluster.

Magneto-Resistive Sensor Technology

Sensor construction and measuring waveforms is a useful place to start when getting to grips with complex brake system faults. Take a look at the article to learn more.

Mazda 6: Flashing DPF Light

Read on to find out how this simple procedure within Snap-on's diagnostic platforms is a great starting point for your diagnostic process. Here is how we got to the fix for a flashing DPF light on a Mazda 6.

Mercedes LED Light Binning

Discover a new technique included in the latest Snap-on diagnostic software upgrade designed to make your life easier when it comes to coding vehicle headlamps.

Modern Systems...Or Magic?

Many modern systems, such as common rail diesel injection, can appear to be so complex that they seem to operate by magic.

Motor Control

The polarity of a motor is reversible, allowing for accurate control of the system. One way to control the polarity is by designing an “H-drive” bridge circuit.

Multi-Channel Cam/Crank Correlation Test

Get the information you need in order to be able to check and test a vehicle's timing quickly and easily using Snap-on scan tools and diagnostic software.

Peugeot 208 Case Study

Find out how Intelligent Diagnostics from Snap-on helped get to the bottom of a Peugeot 208 with ongoing issues with overheating in this exclusive case study.

Piezo Injectors Signature Test

Did you know that fuel injectors on Direct Injection vehicles work differently than a standard fuel injector? Read our new Technical Focus article to learn more.

Speed Up Your Diagnostics

Take advice from industry experts at Snap-on and work smarter from connection to completion – because time means money and we’d all like more of both.

Testing a Fuel Injector Using an Oscilloscope

See how a Snap-on lab scope and diagnostic software can help you check voltage and amperage to guide you to a diagnosis when working on a faulty fuel injector.

Testing a Variable Valve Timing Actuator

Sometimes a vehicle will suffer from driveability issues and fault codes relating to valve timing. Such conditions can be difficult to diagnose without the correct equipment. The purpose of variable valve timing (VVT) is to help increase the engine’s volumetric efficiency and limit the exhaust gasses produced by the vehicle. By altering when the valves open and close you can optimize the performance of the engine.

Top Level Menus

Not sure how to do a particular test with your lab scope? Did you know there are built-in training classes in a Snap-on lab scope? This article tells you more.

Toyota Multiple Freeze Frame

See what was happening on the vehicle you're working on before and after the diagnostic trouble code was set thanks to a handy feature on Snap-on scan tools.

Toyota Yaris Running Rough and Cutting Out

A 2002 Toyota Yaris had been out of use for several months and required assistance to start the engine when it was to be driven again.

Volvo XC60 Medium Speed CAN Bus Failure

This article describes to technicians how a relatively simple fault became slightly more complicated to rectify when a component with different operating parameters was fitted. Damien Coleman will guide you through how to resolve the issue quickly and effectively by further investigation and testing, using a Snap-on diagnostic tool.

VW-Audi Flexible Service Reset

Learn how to use your Snap-on car diagnostic tool to clear a service light on a VW or Audi vehicle and reset the service schedule.

What Is NOx?

Read on to improve your knowledge of nitrogen oxides from diesel emissions and how to deal with them.

Your Daily Diagnostics

This Technical Focus article explores the evolution of vehicle diagnostics and ponders how long it will be before every technician needs a diagnostic platform.