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AJD Auto Repairs Ltd - King's Lynn

AJD Auto Repairs Ltd in King’s Lynn has undergone a workshop upgrade. Owner Tony Duckhouse talks about the process and why he selected Snap-on.

“AJD Auto Repairs is a family-run garage and I wanted to take steps to future-proof the business for my son. 

“This project was in the pipeline for two years before Snap-on got involved. I had discussions with other suppliers but I was frustrated by poor follow-up and their negativity surrounding the job’s complexity. As well as modernising our business, it was really important that we made the best use of our space. To make this viable, I required installation of four scissor lifts in our 15x6m workshop. 

“When Paul, the local Snap-on representative, visited our garage he approached the project with solutions rather than problems. He was great at following up calls and answering queries.

“I hadn’t considered Snap-on until then because I expected the quote to be too expensive, but when Paul priced up I was surprised to find that Snap-on was only slightly higher in cost. With a competitive quote and a service level which was clearly superior, Snap-on was looking to be the right choice.

“We decided to recess the scissor lifts, creating a neat and open space for my team to work in, and following our discussion Paul produced a CAD drawing of the new layout. This factored in all the dimensions and clearance spaces required for current health and safety regulations.

AJD Auto Repairs Ltd owner Tony Duckhouse (right) and his son Jamie.

“Even after this, Paul physically mapped out the lifts’ locations; this was a great visual and allowed us to shift things around until it was perfect. We signed the order at Easter for an installation in November, our quietest month. 

“When it came to installation I wasn’t disappointed. The team who carried out the groundworks were second to none. Their efficiency was excellent and between the two of them they ensured everything happened on time and with precision.

“In hindsight I regret not doing the project sooner; I was always concerned about the potential disruption to my business. In reality the process was smooth and allowed us to get up and running instantly.

“With these types of large-scale projects sometimes there are issues to resolve. Having made a substantial investment I wanted everything to be done 100%. In this case there were two minor issues, it was important to get these resolved. Snap-on organised for this to be fixed and I was left very happy with the result.     

“Overall, I have been completely satisfied and will look to use Snap-on again. We are looking at upgrading and modernising our current Class 4/Class 7 and motorcycle MOT bay, along with installation of four-wheel alignment equipment.”

See full details on Sun’s scissor lift range. For more information on AJD Auto Repairs Ltd and their services visit