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Homa Ebrahim, owner of A&S MOT Ltd in Reading, tells us why he picked Snap-on to provide his MOT bay and wheel aligner. 

"We provide a comprehensive range of vehicle repairs and maintenance services as well as MOT testing to customers within the Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough area. My business partner and I purchased a new Sun MOT bay from Snap-on along with a V2200 wheel aligner. 

"Our business has been built on a reputation for providing exceptional service. To maintain this, our staff, our tools and our equipment need to be of high quality. That is one of the reasons we purchased a Sun MOT bay and wheel aligner. 

"I’m pleased with the quality of our new bay; it’s a top-of-the-range unit. We do four to five MOTs a day and it represents 30% to 40% of our business.

Homa Ebrahim, owner of A&S MOT Ltd in Reading.

"We know that once you get a customer in for an MOT you’re more likely to get them in the door again for a service or repair.

"MOTs are therefore a major part of our business – therefore it’s critical that the equipment we use is reliable, as something breaking down for a day means you lose a day’s revenue.

"Aside from the money, it can have so many knock-on effects. It’s important that we selected the right equipment.

"The installation of the MOT went well and the technical consultant helped me out with the process and the paperwork. It went smoothly."

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