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Ian Durston Motor Services - Walton, Somerset

Ian Durston of Ian Durston Motor Services in Walton, Somerset, talks about why he purchased a Prism car wheel aligner.

“I recently bought a Prism wheel aligner from Snap-on. I had been speaking with your salesman about options and when a unit came up on your Snap-on Consumables website, it was at such a good price that I really could not refuse. 

“The system itself is really good and the service is what you would expect from Snap-on. Your salesman always turned up when he said he would and the installation went well.

“I’m delighted with the product. I’ve got a fair bit of Snap-on kit and you know what you are going to get. 

“This week your wheel alignment specialist came down and talked me through some of the functions on my Prism.

“As always, I’m very pleased with the service I have received from Snap-on.”