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Ignition Motorsport - Newbury

Colin Minton, owner of Ignition Motorsport, relocated his business to a new workshop situated off the M4 in Newbury. Having purchased a Class IV Sun MOT bay in 2013, Colin felt Snap-on was the logical supplier for his new Class VII bay.  

"Ignition Motorsport handle all the jobs you’d expect from your average garage. In addition to MOTs and repairs we also specialise in the maintenance of high-performance and competition vehicles.

"Our Snap-on franchisee introduced us to Mike Williams, the sales representative, four years ago when we purchased our Sun Class IV MOT bay.

"Everything went smoothly and the project management was great, so it made sense that we continued with Snap-on this time around; Mike just got things done that others couldn’t.

"This time the whole process had even more complexity since we were moving our business location. We wanted to move our existing MOT bay over to the new site first.

"Unfortunately our timescale didn’t allow for that luxury and Mike and the Sun team ended up installing both MOT bays at the same time. Signing the lease, receiving the keys and installation of both MOT bays took place in a very short space of time - they were very long days. 

Colin Minton, owner of Ignition Motorsport in Newbury

"The groundworks were done by a third party and this went well. Mike did all the paperwork leading up to and after the installation. We didn’t have room for error; we needed to start bringing in business.

"To help ensure that we had no hitches, Mike set up pre-meetings with the DVSA. Mike’s relationship with them was invaluable and this meant everyone was comfortable before the sign-off.

"As it turned out, the DVSA were in and out very quickly and everyone was happy. 

"What has always impressed me is that Mike understands that our life isn’t 9-5. If we hadn’t done things at night we wouldn’t be here now.

"We have a business to run and working until 10pm can happen often, especially whilst you try to move locations. That’s why it meant a lot that Mike picked his phone up after 7pm.

"Mike also provided timelines and checklists so we knew where we were on a daily and weekly basis. He always had time for us and really went beyond our expectations."

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