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Swiss Valley Garage - Clevedon

Swiss Valley Garage in Clevedon, Bristol, offers servicing, repairs and maintenance. Owner Matt Smith tells us what he thinks of his Snap-on MODIS Ultra diagnostic platform. 

“I started off with Snap-on’s SOLUS Pro. It served its purpose but I needed a new tool that was better equipped for handling the technological advances seen in newer vehicles.   

“I’ve used diagnostic tools from other suppliers but I’ve always liked Snap-on. I get on well with Snap-on products and I see my Franchisee, Andy Brant, every week. Andy is a great point of contact and if I were to have an issue, I know he’d be able to get it sorted for me. This was why I decided a Snap-on diagnostic tool was the choice for me. 

“Andy told me about the various tools and we discussed the best option for my business. We are a fairly small garage and don’t go massively into scope diagnostics. We wanted something affordable but we also needed a tool that could handle the jobs coming into our garage.

“Andy recommended the MODIS Ultra, a mid–range model which was perfectly suitable for what I needed it for. We were also really lucky as Andy had a great offer on this tool at the time. 

“The MODIS Ultra is great. I think the best feature on this is tool is Code Scan. Having the ability to scan through car systems and view everything in one go is really useful. 

Swiss Valley Garage owner Matt Smith finds the Snap-on MODIS Ultra a handy tool for his workshop.

“And then there is SureTrack, which gives real-world fixes. This gives me loads of information which we use regularly.

“We are on subscription so we always have the latest updates, which Andy visits to do every six months. The latest software update 17.4 was a bumper edition.

“We actually had a customer visit with a faulty parking aid on his Peugeot 3008. The sensors on the front weren’t working correctly and I was able to switch off the front but kept the rear sensors active. The cost of repairing was expensive so deactivating pleased the customer immensely. 

“I also like the Guided Component Tests. I often have an idea of what has gone wrong but the Guided Component Tests are a good fall-back.

“Beyond the actual product, I think the training and support is good. After we bought the MODIS Ultra my team and I went on a training course. It was worthwhile. 

“It is also nice to have a product support telephone line. I have called in the past due to an issue with a service reset and everything got sorted nicely.” 

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