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Tenen UK Ltd in Corby has recently opened its roller-shutter door to the public, complete with a Class VII MOT bay from Sun. Owner Dusan Knezevic talks about his MOT bay installation and how working with Snap-on was the right choice for him:

“When looking at suppliers you often start with the price, but the aftersales service is important too. With an MOT installation support and service is even more critical. A friend recommended I speak to Snap-on and take a look at their Sun MOT packages. His aftersales experience was good, which is why I got talking to Paul, the local Snap-on sales representative.

“Paul has done many MOT installations and understands the process well. I wanted a supplier to get the job done right, first time, without any complications. This and my confidence in Snap-on’s quality was the reason I chose to give Paul the sale.

“This is a new location and I set up here because I wanted a space to run MOTs. This meant that getting our DVSA application completed and approved was vital. I was really happy with Paul’s assistance throughout; he kept the process moving and got things done. The result was a smooth and successful installation.

“Not many people know that Sun is owned by Snap-on, I didn’t before this, but the process was up to the standard you’d expect. Every detail was considered, from the use of top-grade concrete to hosing down the car park after completing the groundworks. I’ve been pleased with the equipment quality too; the technology, like your tablet is great, I know what I’ve got is the best.

“We’ve only been up and running since March but we are already bringing in good business. Having a workshop with equipment that looks professional makes a good impression on our customers.

“Only a couple of days ago a customer came in to book a £40 MOT, and left spending an additional £250 on a service. It would be good if there were additional promotional materials provided, like branded signage we could use in the workshop and reception. For you its good promotion, for us it’s a nice thank you – given the investment.

“I’ve used Snap-on finance to fund this purchase and it has worked well. I did my calculations before moving forward and know I only need one MOT a day to cover my costs; yesterday I did six!

“The whole process took 60 days and I’ve been impressed at every step. Yes, the cost is higher but the support and service you receive makes the difference. With a big investment like this you want the job done well.”

Dusan Knezevich has just installed a Class VII MOT bay from Sun at his business, Tenen UK in Corby.

Learn more about the range of MOT and emissions testing equipment from Sun. For more information on Tenen UK and its services visit