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Thurlow Nunn in Holt is part of a well-established Vauxhall dealership. General manager Andrew Parsons explains why Snap-on’s customer service and aftersales support led him to purchase a Sun automated test lane and a Snap-on V2200 wheel aligner.

“We have a long standing relationship with Paul, the Snap-on sales representative, and he was the first person I contacted to get a quote. With that said, we had to speak to other suppliers and assess all the options.

“From the very beginning Paul was thorough. After we explained what we wanted he produced drawings and gave us some good advice. As well as a new ATL we decided to upgrade our wheel alignment system and Paul was able to give us all the information we needed. 

Sun Product Benefits

“The quote Snap-on gave us was slightly dearer than the other suppliers, but Paul explained the benefits of the Sun products, without putting the other competitors down, which I liked. He had confidence in his products and was able to share videos on his mobile to communicate the good bits to us.

“The ATL seemed to be an all-rounder; for example, the shaker plates were integrated into the lift rather than an add-on feature. Ultimately the Snap-on products looked to be a superior and with the customer service, which we’ve always been happy with, we told Paul to raise the order. 

“The installation took place in March 2017. We initially requested the booking to be later in the year, but at our request Snap-on were able to move this forward. The installation builders were absolutely brilliant. They kept everything clean and were both professional and friendly. Their approach to doing the job was great and the whole thing went very smoothly. 

“Following the installation we sent one of our technicians to the complimentary wheel alignment training at the Snap-on head office.” 


Wheel Alignment Training

Malcolm commented: 

“I’m not new to wheel alignment but the course was a good refresher and allowed me to see how the new aligner operated. It was particularly good to go over how to get a caster and camber reading. I’ve now been using the V2200 for a number of months. So far I’m impressed; I like the speed and ease of putting on the clamps and getting the reading.”


“Now we have the V2200 we need to make the best use of it and start marketing the benefits to our customers. There are not many garages in the area that provide this service so we’ll look to work with surrounding businesses to gain some traction. We’ll also look at integrating alignment checks free to MOT customers. 

“Overall I’m very satisfied, not just with the Sun products but the Snap-on service, and I’ll be placing an order for the KoolKare Dual Gas air conditioning unit very soon.” 

Find out more about the Sun MOT and ATL packages, and visit the Thurlow Nunn Holt website for more details about the company's services.

Andrew Parsons, general manager of Thurlow Nunn in Holt.