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Get Core Features Fast With The New John Bean V2280 Wheel Aligner

The new John Bean V2280 brings core wheel alignment functions to the workshop quickly and easily.

Ideal for independent garages, the V2280 is designed to be robust and reliable in its operation every single day.

Its automatic tracking beam means users don't have to spend time adjusting the height of the beam, while its cameras move automatically up and down following the targets.

And the V2280's uninterrupted process means there is never any waiting around for the system, with its intuitive workflows guiding technicians through each task without any unnecessary steps.

The Compensate, Warn and Alert system ensures a fast and reliable alignment process. It detects problems with suspension stress and damage, lift, clamps, environment and more:

  • Compensate - small errors are compensated with no notification
  • Warn - medium errors are compensated and the user is warned
  • Alert - critical errors are detected and corrective actions are displayed

The new John Bean V2280 wheel aligner brings core features direct to the workshop.

The new John Bean V2280 wheel aligner brings core features direct to the workshop.

The V2280’s wheel alignment software has been designed from the ground up with the aid of experienced technicians for maximum clarity and accessibility, ensuring that useful features are always just a single click away.

Wheel rims from 11in to 22in can be worked on without adaptors and without removing hubcaps thanks to new lightweight wheel clamps, improving ergonomics and reducing physical strain.

Speed of use is also increased on the V2280 with its video speed camera technology creating a faster and more responsive alignment system.

Alignment work can be quickly started from the V2280’s home screen, the vehicle selection process has been improved with a model search capability, and a vehicle’s alignment history can be easily stored and recovered.

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