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Create A Direct Connection With The Snap-on Cloud

The Snap-on cloud allows businesses to create a direct connection to their customers by easily communicating vehicle reports and information.

Technicians can upload and store vehicle system reports and related images from their platform and share them from the cloud to their customers by text or e-mail for quicker repair approvals and confirmation that the work has been carried out successfully, strengthening trust in their services.

Supported by the latest Snap-on diagnostic software update and an active Wi-Fi connection, the Snap-on cloud provides users with the power and flexibility to share data and integrate it within their own operations.

Which platforms can I use to access the Snap-on cloud?

Pre-scan and post-scan vehicle system reports captured on the ZEUS™, VERUS® Edge, MODIS Edge™ and SOLUS Edge™ tools are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Vehicle pictures and diagnostic screenshots taken on ZEUS and VERUS Edge, along with the new Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite, can also be uploaded.

Permanent links can then be created to the files so that they can be added to and accessed from a business’s existing workshop management software.

File tagging makes keyword search fast for future reference and retrieval, while images can be marked as known good or known bad and shared with other technicians to help with diagnosis and repair.

The ability to share vehicle system reports quickly is also extended to sending them to insurance companies in order to confirm that manufacturer repair requirements have been met.

Combined with guided tutorials through the registration process and to help users get started on using the tools, the Snap-on cloud helps businesses build the ultimate customer connection.