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Snap-on Launches State-Of-The-Art Emissions Analyser

Snap-on, brand leader in diagnostic tools and garage equipment for the automotive industry, has introduced into its Sun brand the new DGA5000 emissions analyser.

The DGA5000 is a state-of-the-art system that gives today’s modern workshop everything required for petrol and diesel emissions testing.

Mark Ost, UK General Manager for Garage Equipment at Snap-on, said: “Customer feedback has been very important to us during the development of the new DGA5000 so we have taken on board comments about what technicians liked about our existing range and looked at them to understand what new features would enhance our product.

“Our Product Management team has listened to that feedback to come up with a concept that offers many industry-leading benefits to customers and we are excited to launch the DGA5000 to our range of equipment.”

Featuring a 27-inch monitor as standard and a wireless laser printer, the DGA5000 is available as a standalone gas or diesel analyser and as a combined unit.

The latest-generation wireless smoke head has the option to be used in conjunction with the wireless EOBD device for triggering the diesel acceleration tests, making the testing of newer, cleaner cars much easier.

Colin Nutt, Director of Product Development at Snap-on, said: “Customers told us that they found that modern diesel vehicles emitted almost no smoke, so getting readings using the traditional smoke level triggering was very difficult.

“This led us to develop our new wireless EOBD RPM and oil temperature device. This device allows you to measure the vehicle RPM and oil temperature by simply plugging the adaptor into the EOBD port in the vehicle and the readings will be wirelessly transmitted back to the workstation.

“This new method, which has been officially approved, allows you to trigger the smoke head using EOBD RPM which will then give you official smoke readings.

“The larger monitor is another aspect to come from our customer feedback while we have also re-designed our software to give it a modernised look, more in keeping with what customers will see in many other digital applications and programs they use on their personal phones or tablets.”

The DGA5000 is supplied with a remote mouse to allow operation from within the vehicle, and is compatible with Snap-on’s optional tablet for full remote functionality in or around the vehicle.

Flexibility is one of the new DGA5000’s other key strengths as its modernised central workstation can be used for accessing the DVSA’s web MOT portal directly, and it can also be used to run the Sun brake tester, meaning MOT testing is based entirely around one central system.

Outside of MOT testing the DGA5000 can be upgraded to carry out computerised wheel alignment with Snap-on’s Prism alignment option.

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