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New Diagnostic Software Upgrade Saves Time In The Workshop

The new update to Snap-on’s diagnostic platform software saves time in the workshop and puts new information for thousands of vehicles and systems into the hands of technicians.

As well as 2016 model year updates for many manufacturers, software version 17.4 brings enhancements and innovations designed to increase productivity.

Highlights of the Update

Among the many highlights are:

  • 2016 model year updates: Alfa/Fiat/Lancia; Mini/BMW; Dacia; Honda; Hyundai; Kia; Land Rover; Mitsubishi; Nissan; Vauxhall; Renault; Smart; Volvo
  • Two new BMW/Mini models added: BMW Luxury 7 Series with 9 engines and the Mini Cabrio Convertible with 4 engines
  • Ford DPF regeneration added with engine reset function on the Fiesta 1.4L diesel Euro 5 engine 2010–2012 system
  • New diesel exhaust fluid special function across the Jaguar diesel range
  • New Nissan electronic parking brake ECU with codes, data and functional tests
  • Suzuki system coverage including keyless start (includes immobiliser)

Version 17.4 adds almost 120,000 new systems, over 3,000 new vehicles, more than 11,000 new codes, and increases the number of functional tests by 2,600 – bringing further power and knowledge to the workshop.

Coverage for IVECO vehicles has been added to the Component Test Meter with all models and engines featured, including ABS modules and tests, along with speed sensor and brake pedal component information tests. The total number of manufacturers covered in CTM now stands at 29.

Also added to CTM are three new technology classes: Brushless Direct Current Motor, covering theory, operation, advantages and trends; Selective Catalytic Reduction, which looks at chemical process and reaction diagrams; and Engine Mechanical Theory, with a focus on compression ratios, Atkinson cycle and super chargers.

The new diagnostic software upgrade from Snap-on brings more power to carry out more jobs to workshops.

Users of the SOLUS™ Edge, MODIS™ Edge and Ultra platforms, and the VERUS® and VERDICT® family of products, also get exclusive access to SureTrack™ with the new Snap-on software upgrade.

This comprehensive source of expert knowledge helps technicians improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce repair time with diagnostic experience, repair timesavers and verified parts replacement records taken from millions of successful repair orders.

Software Subscription

A Snap-on Software Subscription aids technicians to get through repairs quickly and accurately by continuously delivering high-quality coverage and real-time access to information without having to think about it.

Plus, not only does the program offer lower monthly payments, it also includes SureTrack for eligible platforms*.

* SureTrack is exclusive to VERUS® and VERDICT® family of products, MODIS™ Edge and Ultra and SOLUS™ Edge platforms. A current software subscription package or the latest software must be installed in order to get access. Wi-Fi connection is necessary.