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Find The Fix Faster With The New Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite From Snap-on

Track down vehicle faults and find the fix faster using the new Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite from Snap-on – without having to hope or guess that the fault code was the right one after all.

The newly-released platform uses infrared technology to reveal heat caused by friction, electrical resistance, pressure changes and more.

“The Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite delivers detailed images composed of 4,800 distinct temperature zones, making extreme temperatures up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit visible with absolute precision anywhere under the bonnet or around the car,” said Mark Ost, General Manager for Diagnostics and Equipment at Snap-on.

“It comes loaded with a database full of automotive applications, guided tests and reference images to help technicians interpret results, putting a more accurate diagnosis and productivity in clear view, on every job.”

The new Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite from Snap-on.

The new Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite from Snap-on.

What are the features of the Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Image Elite?

  • Point at any area of the vehicle for detailed images of the object’s heat signature
  • Customised views on screen to assist in diagnosis and pinpointing location
  • Image blending, split screen view, picture-in-picture view and record a 20-second video
  • Pull trigger to capture images; then use saved images to create convincing repair orders; save, store and print
  • Detects problems all around the vehicle: brakes, heated seats, misfires, HVAC, worn bearings, belts, emission controls and more
  • Reference images show normal and failed components so technicians know what to look for

When connected to Wi-Fi, every image captured with the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite is automatically uploaded to the new Snap-on Cloud service.

Technicians can then access the images from their phone or computer whenever they need them, helping to make the next diagnosis and repair faster and more accurate.