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Three New Hofmann Tyre Changers Released

Three innovative new tyre changers have been added to the Hofmann® range of garage equipment from Snap-on®.

The monty® 8800S smartSpeed, monty 8700B smartSpeed and monty 8300S are all ideal for high-volume tyre workshops and bring new benefits to users.

Leverless technology and an automatic clamp system help make operating the monty 8800S a fast and precise experience for users.

Hofmann’s innovative leverless mount and demount system, powerMONT, provides an effortless solution for removing and restoring tyres, supported by the quickLOK™ automatic centre-post clamping function which gives an electromechanical lock and unlock function for faster clamping.

Adding smartSpeed automatic control of the speed of the turntable dependent on the torque required when mounting or demounting a tyre, and a bead breaker system designed for maximum performance, the 8800S is perfect for handling standard manufacturer, ultra-low profile tyres and tyres with high aspect ratio.

monty 8800S monty 8700B monty 8300S

The semi-automatic monty 8700B is suited to workshops dealing with standard manufacturer, low-profile and high aspect ratio tyres.

As well as smartSpeed turntable control and the powerMONT leverless operation, the 8700B comes with a patented centre-post clamping function which will help prevent damage to wheels and it is not restricted by clamping jaw range.

Its dynamic bead breaker with two disks is ideal for run-flat and ultra-high profile tyres while the pneumatic bead depressor brings convenience to the demounting of hard sidewall tyres.

Car dealerships will also benefit from the high productivity provided by the monty 8300S.

Providing a conventional mounting head with tyre lever, the 8300S also employs smartSpeed and the centre-post clamping design for an efficient and damage-free solution. Its side bead breaker allows for fast and convenient operation.

Learn more about the new tyre changers and the full Hofmann equipment range.