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New VERUS Edge Snap-on Diagnostic Unit

The revolutionary new car diagnostic tool from Snap-on – VERUS Edge – puts everything you need to get the job done right in your hands.

Housed in a thin, tablet-inspired body for less bulk and more style, VERUS Edge has the power and speed for maximum efficiency in the workshop with its combination of a large hard drive and plenty of memory for running the applications you need and saving all of your vital data.

Its ten-inch touchscreen display gives you more of what you need to see while its five-hour battery life, with days of standby power when not in use, means you can spend more time working and less time charging.

Booting up from Ready Mode in just five seconds, VERUS Edge’s on-board Diagnostic Software Suite provides integrated access to scanner, scope, guided component tests and an information system that will put you in control.

And it also features Snap-on’s exclusive SureTrack™, the industry’s most comprehensive source of expert knowledge with actual technician-verified real fixes and parts replacement information harvested from millions of successful repairs at over 2,500 workshops throughout the country.

Troubleshooter System

Along with SureTrack™ comes the Troubleshooter system, which gives you access to real-world experience with code tips, system tips and time-saving advice, while the Fast-Track® Guided Component Tests show how to test, where to connect and what results to look for, helping you verify failed parts with certainty before replacing them.

VERUS Edge’s built-in web browser and Wi-Fi connectivity give you access to technical forums, parts suppliers, manufacturers, your repair information system and other online resources whenever the job requires. With factory installed anti-virus security essentials you don’t need to worry about vulnerabilities.

The keyless and wireless scan module gives you access to over 30 manufacturer-specific vehicle makes and has access to codes, live data, functional tests, relearns and adaptations for dozens of vehicle systems, as well as the freedom to operate without being tied down by cables.

The high-speed four-channel hot-dockable scope and graphing meter give you a lightning-speed sample rate and glitch capture, meaning you always get to the right problem, fast.

New Information System

And added to these advanced features is Snap-on’s new information system. It brings repair procedures, detailed wiring diagrams showing component location details, and maintenance information, giving you high-level information that a manufacturer would provide to its network.

The new information system includes the innovative Smart Pack – providing access to technical service bulletins, manufacturer recalls and campaigns, as well as symptom diagnostic information.

Over 5,300 technical service bulletins are included, covering more than 5,800 vehicles, making VERUS Edge ideal for taking on any challenge you may face.

Speak to your local Snap-on Franchisee for full details.