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Get Even More From Snap-on Information System

Snap-on Information System – the benchmark in comprehensive technical information for your workshop – has been updated with thousands of new data items, giving you access to even more manufacturer-level details.

Each of the three key areas of Snap-on Information System – Maintenance and Repair Data; Electronics, and SmartPACK™ – has been increased with vital material to help you every day.

SmartPACK Updates

SmartPACK has been upgraded with the addition of 85 new and unique SmartCASE™ bulletins, 362 new Technical Service Bulletins, and 202 new vehicle recalls.

The number of items within SmartCASE, a resource of known fixes and tips for specific faults, now stands at over 6,200 and in conjunction with more than 12,000 Technical Service Bulletins alongside almost 4,600 vehicle recalls, SmartPACK now provides even more detail to help you reduce the time you spend on finding and fixing known issues.

New in SIS's Electronics data

Snap-on Information System’s Electronics section now features dozens more diagrams and drawings covering thousands of different vehicle models.

Topics include EOBD Connector Locations, Transmission, Central Locking and Electronic Parking Brake, with the manufacturers’ individual wiring schematics being converted into a more readable format.

This helps you to diagnose faults and component errors while using guided wiring diagrams focused on the component and wiring under investigation.

Improvements to Maintenance and Repair Data

Under Maintenance and Repair Data, an easy-to-use system refined over years of development, essential new mechanical information has been added for many procedures and vehicle types.

Content covered now features battery disconnect/reconnect procedures for 311 vehicle types, keys and remote control on 340 models, and timing chain removal/installation manuals on 355 variants.

In addition, ten new vehicle models have been included in the coverage, along with a series of classic cars containing a mechanical-data set of adjustment and lubricant data.

Packed full of manufacturer-level data designed to save you time and money while increasing your efficiency, Snap-on Information System covers more than 98% of the European vehicle parc.

Mobile-friendly and accessible from any device, it offers access to thousands of detailed technical drawings and repair manuals to help you get to the bottom of a problem and find a fix quickly.

It also lets you generate realistic timeframes and cost estimates for repair jobs by taking into account all steps, including follow-up tasks, the price of parts and your own labour rates.

Learn more about Snap-on Information System or speak to your local Snap-on Franchisee to set up a free, no-obligation trial. You can also call the Subscription Team on 01536 413825 (choose option one).