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Bring Peace of Mind to Your Customers With Snap-on Vehicle System Reports

The complete vehicle system scan reports offered by car diagnostic tools from Snap-on help technicians to get into good practices and give their customers peace of mind.

Running a pre-scan before any vehicle work is done means any hidden issues can be located and the customer can be made aware of them from the outset.

The pre-scan code identification helps speed the diagnosis and repair, and when it is followed by a post-scan after work is finished, the report confirms that all concerns were dealt with properly.

Being able to give customers a copy of their reports also provides extra satisfaction as they can take away an easy-to-read statement of what was discovered and subsequently resolved.

“Sometimes vehicle troubles can be a mystery. Not all systems turn on a light or put a message on a vehicle’s diagnostic information centre, but the good news is Snap-on scanners know the secret to finding them,” said Mark Ost, General Manager for Diagnostics and Equipment at Snap-on.

“Code scans and resulting reports are powerful features of our diagnostic platforms. Combined, they serve as a valuable tool before, during and after the repair.

“Technicians can be assured they have the coverage and the functionality in their tool to service the vehicle, finish the job and create customer confidence in their service.”

Which platforms can I create vehicle system scan reports with?

Snap-on offers pre- and post-scan reports for technicians who own Snap-on diagnostic scan tools, including ZEUS™, VERUS®, MODIS™, SOLUS™ and ETHOS® families.

Reports can be printed or e-mailed to customers as well as used to fulfil mandates by the manufacturers and many insurance companies for pre- and post-collision work.