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Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit Software Update

The latest software updates to the Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit from Snap-on bring user-friendly innovations designed for ease of operation – along with coverage of more vehicles and systems than ever before.

Technicians on any or all of the three subscription levels – Off-Highway Vehicles; Agricultural Vehicles; Commercial Vehicles – will be able to make the most of an improved data recorder and player.

This allows the capture of diagnosis results and the values of up to 24 measurements for 30 continuous minutes if required, helping to improve the evaluation of errors and performance of road tests.

Diagnosis reports are now easier to view and digest in a new PDF format, which replaces the previous page-by-page display.

Software error code troubleshooting guides have been added with a description of the error, possible causes and step-by-step advice to help users find a resolution and get back to work quickly.

Available to customers only on the Commercial Vehicles subscription is a new function allowing them to carry out the diagnosis actions directly relating to a particular maintenance service.

The latest software on the Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit from Snap-on brings new benefits to your workshop.

The latest software on the Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit from Snap-on brings new benefits to your workshop.

Vehicle coverage has been increased in the latest release. Here are some of the highlights in the different categories:

Commercial Vehicles

  • DAF EBS Euro Gen 3 braking system with measurements for vehicles with three axles
  • Iveco central computer BCM system in New Stralis 2016 models added
  • Scania maintenance system of the COO8 coordinator in Euro 6 models added, with configuration of the next service.
  • New coverage for Asian brands including Isuzu, Fuso and Hino

Agricultural Vehicles

  • New harvester models for John Deere – 6030 Series, 7020 Series and 7030 Series
  • Lamborghini Nitro, R3, R4, R6, R7 and R8 models, calibrations and manual diagnosis in multiple systems including rear lift, front suspension, power take-off, transmission
  • Massey Ferguson X700 Series models with vehicle configuration parameters

Off-Highway Vehicles

  • New MON Monitor Controller for Hitachi Series 5 and 6 excavators
  • Manual diagnosis extended for JCB 500 Series model (Tier 3/Stage IIIA)
  • Coverage for Hidromek, JLG, Yanmar and other manufacturers

Each Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit software update brings with it additional manufacturer and system coverage so that the unit’s capabilities are always on track with the latest developments.

Learn more about the Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit, one of the most powerful devices of its kind on the market today.