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Unique John Bean V1200 Elite Wheel Aligner Saves Time, Space And Helps Drive Business

The new John Bean V1200 Elite wheel aligner from Snap-on brings advanced yet user-friendly software and a unique space-saving design to workshops.

No moving parts and robust but compact styling mean the V1200 Elite takes up minimal room and requires no space at all in front of a lift.

It is built to work flexibly with any alignment lift style and enhance performance in just about any workshop.

All communication happens wirelessly with no beams or cables taking up valuable space in a working area, while 3D vehicle measurement provides accurate and live adjustment along with full vehicle dimensions.

"The V1200 Elite is unique in the marketplace in that it can provide high-quality imaging alignments in shorter bays, which has not been possible in the past," said Mark Ost, General Manager for Diagnostics and Equipment at Snap-on.

"It works well with any alignment lift style and is the perfect addition to any workshop."

Save time, space, and drive your business with the John Bean V1200 Elite wheel aligner from Snap-on.

The new John Bean V1200 Elite wheel aligner from Snap-on.

What will I get with the V1200 Elite?

  • Cordless design with Wi-Fi both for alignment components and for connection to the internet
  • Mobile control terminal with 22in monitor, printer and battery chargers for pod batteries
  • New information preview provides critical data before work begins – time-saving, ergonomic and easy to understand
  • Live alignment error checking with compensate, warn, alert notification system to notify the user of errors as they happen without slowing the process
  • Visual indicators on the pods guide the technician through the measuring process
  • Live adjustment of camber, caster, and toe (elevated)
  • Measurement of toe-out on turns and manual ride height measurement
  • EZ Toe - Turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centred toe readings
  • Automatic online specification and software update
  • Repairable on-site and accessible remotely for servicing

Learn more about the John Bean V1200 Elite.