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ZEUS™ Diagnostic Tool From Snap-on Supported By Free Online Training

ZEUS™, the revolutionary new car diagnostic tool from Snap-on and the first to feature new Intelligent Diagnostics software, is supported by a series of free online training guides.

The modules are available all day, every day, and provide an in-depth look at how to get to grips with ZEUS and how to make the most of it in the workshop.

Broken down into different subjects and categories, the videos consist of advice and screenshots along with comment and guidance from Snap-on’s team of diagnostic experts, all geared towards helping ZEUS users make their investment work best for them.

“The videos teach all of the latest diagnostic techniques so technicians can get the most out of their diagnostic tools,” said Mark Ost, UK General Manager for Diagnostics and Equipment at Snap-on.

“They are offered as short instructional videos on specific topics, so technicians can quickly get answers on any aspect of tool operation.”

Which topics do the ZEUS training modules cover?

  • Introduction and Controls
  • Diagnostic Capabilities Overview
  • Using Scanner Demonstration Mode
  • Scanner Codes
  • Scanner Data PID View
  • Scanner Data Graphing View
  • Intelligent Diagnostics
  • Global OBD-II
  • Quick Lookups
  • Guided Component Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Meters

The training modules are accompanied by Snap-on’s series of Diagnostic Quick Tips features.

These videos are based on real case studies and show how to apply diagnostics to specific vehicles and applications through short demonstrations of diagnostic tools to solve common problems.

What makes the new ZEUS platform unique is that it users Intelligent Diagnostics to anticipate a technician’s next move and guides them through every step to find the solution by displaying only information relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code.

Not only is it comprehensive enough to provide all the required diagnostic and repair tips for the job in hand, it’s also smart enough to skip the ones that aren’t.

ZEUS offers a scan tool, lab scope, functional tests, exclusive Fast-Track® guided component tests, SureTrack™ expert information, Technical Service Bulletins and much more.

View the ZEUS training videos and guides.

Owners of the new ZEUS car diagnostic tool from Snap-on can take advantage of free online training videos and guides.

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