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Software Enhancements on ZEUS and VERUS Edge Diagnostic Tools

Users of the ZEUS™ and VERUS® Edge platforms from Snap-on® will get some extra benefits with the company’s latest diagnostic software update.

Released in April, the new upgrade helps technicians to access vital information quickly – increasing their productivity and helping them to give their customers an even better service.

An enhanced file attachment system means that diagnostic screenshots and vehicle photographs taken with the ZEUS or VERUS Edge will be automatically attached to the tool’s vehicle record so that they can be quickly and easily located in the future.

Faster vehicle re-identification is possible as the last four scanned will now appear at the top of a list in order for them to be accessed quickly when performing a post-scan report or part re-learn to complete the job.

Easier identification of pre-scan and post-scan reports clearly communicates to customers the before-repair and after-repair statuses of their vehicles.

And there’s also increased integration with the Snap-on cloud, which allows businesses to create a direct connection with their customers and share data and reports quickly.

Users of the ZEUS and VERUS Edge platforms from Snap-on will get extra enhancements with the company's latest diagnostic software upgrade.

Using ZEUS and VERUS Edge, any pre-scan and post-scan vehicle system reports, diagnostic screenshots and vehicle photographs taken by the platform’s camera will be automatically uploaded to the Snap-on cloud.

From there they can be easily shared with colleagues for further advice, customers for faster repair approvals, and insurance companies to confirm that manufacturer repair requirements have been met. 

Find out more about the enhancements and how they can help make workshops more efficient.