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If you’re not sure about how to carry out a particular diagnostic test with your Snap-on scope, there are built-in training classes that can help you get the advice you need.

Go into the Guided Component Test section of your unit – we’ll use the VERUS Edge as an example here – then press the Menu button, select Top Level Menus, and choose the How To option.

This gives you access to a series of classes covering a variety of topics including electronics, ignition systems, advice on vehicles that won’t start, and there’s also Snap-on Automotive Theory – which, rather than being diagnostic-focused, talks about vehicle technology such as air conditioning, diesel particulate filter systems, hybrid vehicles and more.

Under the How To section is an area called Test Tips, which helps you through areas such as alternator ripple tests and measuring using cursors with the aid of step-by-step instructions and screen shots.

Also under the Top Level Menus is Power User Tests, which guides you along the processes of subjects such as current probe tests, dual channel tests, automatic line transmission and much more.

All of this detail is featured in every Snap-on handheld tool and it will give you plenty of support as you use the scope in your diagnostic work.