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VW-Audi Flexible Service Reset

Learn how to use your Snap-on car diagnostic tool to clear a service light on a VW or Audi vehicle and reset the service schedule.

Have you ever tried to reset the service interval on a Volkswagen or Audi but the service light remained on?

That might be down to the flexible service reset system included by both manufacturers but there is an easy way around this to clear the alert and reset the service schedule.

All you need to do is connect your Snap-on diagnostic tool to the vehicle and follow a simple procedure.

Once you’re all plugged in, choose Scanner, System Menu and Instrument Cluster then follow the prompts to allow the tool to identify the vehicle’s ECU.

Once that stage is complete, choose the Service Reset Functions option to allow the tool to collect more information from the vehicle.

One way to clear the alert is to choose the Reset SIR option but if that doesn’t do the trick then your diagnostic tool will help you to dig deeper and finish the job.

Choose the option for Mileage Since Last Oil Service and you’ll see a screen with the figure currently recorded by the system.

You can simply enter an updated figure, go through the confirmation prompts, and you’re done.

So as you can see, it’s a quick and easy way to clear the service alert light on a VW or Audi using a Snap-on tool – and it’s something that gives the independent workshop a real extra string to its bow as service resets have normally been down to main dealerships to resolve.