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New Snap-on SOLUS Legend Scan Tool Released

Learn about SOLUS Legend - the latest diagnostic tool from Snap-on - and how it puts sophisticated functionality and detailed vehicle coverage in your hands.

Snap-on Adds ADAS Systems Coverage Search To Website

Read about the latest innovation to the in-depth Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) coverage from Snap-on and find out how to get it at your fingertips.

Snap-on Launches Autumn 2020 Diagnostic Software Upgrade

Discover the components behind the Autumn 2020 diagnostic software upgrade from Snap-on and see how it can bring new productivity benefits to your business.

Snap-on Reiterates Its Commitment To Industry Training Amid Coronavirus Crisis

See what Snap-on is doing to ensure that opportunities for automotive industry skills development remain accessible during the 2020 UK coronavirus pandemic.

Snap-on Releases Free APOLLO-D8 Training Modules

See how you can really get to grips with your APOLLO-D8 diagnostic scan tool thanks to a range of free online training modules just released by Snap-on.

Snap-on Launches APOLLO-D8 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Read about the new APOLLO-D8 scan tool from Snap-on and see how it brings Intelligent Diagnostics to your fingertips - whatever level of technician you are.

New Snap-on Diagnostic Software Upgrade Is Now Available

Learn about the latest Snap-on diagnostic software upgrade - and how its new and enhanced features will help you with ADAS, electric vehicles and much more.

Snap-on Helps Technicians Find Their Ideal Intelligent Diagnostics Platform

Find out how Snap-on is making it even easier for you to discover the ideal Intelligent Diagnostics-enabled platform for your specific needs.

What's In The New Snap-on Information System Update?

See the depth of manufacturer-level information available with the latest Snap-on Information System update - and find out how it can benefit your business.

Snap-on Launches New YouTube Channel

Snap-on has added its collection of diagnostic training videos to its new UK YouTube channel – giving you even more access to expert information and guidance.

Get Core Features Fast With The New John Bean V2280 Wheel Aligner

Find out how you can bring intuitive wheel alignment workflows and get to work on vehicles quickly with the new John Bean V2280 wheel aligner.

Wheel Alignment Specification Updates Released

Work on even more vehicles than before and satisfy more of your customers' requirements with the latest Snap-on wheel alignment specifications update.

New Snap-on Diagnostic Software Update Adds To Technicians’ Platforms

See what the latest Snap-on vehicle diagnostic software release can bring to your platform and how it can help your business be even more productive.

Queen's Awards Bring Royal Recognition For Snap-on

Snap-on has received Royal recognition of its double success in this year’s Queen’s Awards for Enterprise after being formally presented with the honours.

Free Online TRITON-D8™ Training Now Available

Learn more about getting the most out of your new TRITON-D8 scan tool from Snap-on with this series of free online training modules and quick tips videos.

Step Up To ADAS Recalibrations With The New Sun System

Get yourself ready for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) jobs and complete them with precision using the Sun EZ ADAS™ Recalibration system.

Two Systems In One With The New Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Laser

Use laser-guided temperature readings and thermal imaging capabilities to take your troubleshooting to the next level with the Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Laser.

Snap-on Signs Up As Top Technician/Top Garage 2020 Sponsor

Snap-on has signed up with Top Technician and Top Garage 2020, becoming the first sponsor put its full support behind the two competitions for next year.

New ADAS Seminar From Snap-on

Increase your knowledge of ADAS technology, recalibrations and re-initialisations, and see what the future holds with this IMI-accredited seminar from Snap-on.

Snap-on Launches TRITON-D8 Scan Tool

Find out about the launch of TRITON-D8 - the latest scan tool from Snap-on to bring productivity-enhancing Intelligent Diagnostics features to your workshop.

Revamped Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit

See how to get fast operation, intuitive software and rugged durability in your workshop with the updated Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit from Snap-on.

New Commercial Vehicle Tyre Changer And Wheel Balancer From Hofmann

See the latest tyre changer and wheel balancer from Hofmann - ideal if you're a commercial vehicle workshop looking to grow your tyre and wheel servicing.

Industry-Backed Diagnostic Training From Snap-on

Learn more about the IMI-accredited training courses and seminars from by Snap-on to help you get more out of your diagnostic equipment and develop your skills.

Get Even More From Snap-on Information System

Find out all about the latest updates to Snap-on Information System - the benchmark in technical information - and what they can do for your business.

Three New Hofmann Tyre Changers Released

Discover the advanced benefits that your workshop will get from the innovative features on the new range of Hofmann tyre changers from Snap-on.

Software Enhancements on ZEUS and VERUS Edge Diagnostic Tools

See what extra enhancements the latest diagnostic software upgrade from Snap-on can bring to your ZEUS and VERUS Edge tools.

Snap-on Receives Queen’s Awards for Innovation and International Trade

Snap-on has won two prestigious Queen's Awards for Enterprise - recognising its all-in-one repair resource, SureTrack™, and its growth in international markets.

Create A Direct Connection With The Snap-on Cloud

Find out how the Snap-on cloud and a current diagnostic software upgrade can help you create a direct connection to your customers and speed up your processes.

Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit Software Update

Learn how the new software on the Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit from Snap-on will make your working life easier and cover more vehicles than ever before.

Snap-on® Diagnostic Software Upgrade Brings New Benefits to the Workshop

See how the April 2019 diagnostic software upgrade from Snap-on® can improve your productivity with its time-saving enhancements and increased vehicle coverage.

Find The Fix Faster With The New Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite From Snap-on

See how the new Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite helps you find the fix faster with infrared technology to reveal heat, giving you a more accurate diagnosis.

Unique John Bean V1200 Elite Wheel Aligner Saves Time, Space And Helps Drive Business

Discover how the new John Bean V1200 Elite wheel aligner from Snap-on brings advanced yet user-friendly software and a unique space-saving design to workshops.

Benchmark Yourself With Snap-on Information System

Find out how the new Snap-on Information System saves you time and money while increasing your efficiency thanks to its comprehensive technical information.

Empower Yourself With The Latest Snap-on Diagnostic Software Release

Learn about how the upcoming diagnostic software upgrade from Snap-on® brings brand new enhancements to your platform in order to improve your working life.

Bring Peace of Mind to Your Customers With Snap-on Vehicle System Reports

Discover how the vehicle system scan reports offered by Snap-on® diagnostic tools help you to get into good practices and give your customers peace of mind.

ZEUS™ Diagnostic Tool From Snap-on Supported By Free Online Training

Find out how you can learn more about how to make the most of your ZEUS car diagnostic tool from Snap-on thanks to free online training modules and guides.

New Sun One-Person Testing Car Scissor Lift Brings Growth Opportunities To Workshops

See how the latest addition to the range of Sun vehicle lifts provides MOT stations with an efficient and cost-effective way to modernise their equipment.

Join the Revolution with Intelligent Diagnostics Live on ZEUS

Find out how the revolutionary Snap-on® Intelligent Diagnostics live on ZEUS is your ultimate time-saver and gives you the fastest path to complete the job.

See The New Laser And Sonar Wheel Balancer From Sun

See how the new SWB340L wheel balancer from Sun brings touchscreen technology, sonar measurement and pinpoint laser accuracy to help you be fast and on the spot.

New ETHOS Edge Diagnostic Platform From Snap-on

Find out how the new Snap-on® ETHOS® Edge full function car diagnostic scan tool takes entry-level diagnostics to a new high in performance and coverage.

Give Your Problem-Solving Abilities A Boost With The Latest Snap-on Diagnostic Software Upgrade

Learn how you can give your problem-solving abilities a boost with the latest diagnostic platform software upgrade from Snap-on.

Sun DGA5000 Emissions Analyser - DVSA 2018 Update

Read why purchasing a new Sun DGA5000 emissions analyser from Snap-on helps ensure your workshop is ready for the 2018 petrol and diesel updates from the DVSA.

New Diagnostic Software Upgrade Saves Time In The Workshop

Read how the new upgrade to Snap-on’s diagnostic software saves you time and puts new information for thousands of vehicles and systems into your hands.

Snap-on 17.2 Diagnostic Software Upgrade

Find out how Snap-on diagnostic software upgrade 17.2 brings new coverage and increased capabilities to your fingertips.

New MODIS Edge Diagnostic Platform From Snap-on

Say hello to confidence with MODIS Edge – the car diagnostic tool from Snap-on that provides the speed and performance expected by technicians.

Snap-on Launches New Diagnostic Thermal Imager

Discover the new Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager, which creates a unique solution with infrared technology to make heat ‘visible’ and reveal problems.

Snap-on Launches Free VERUS Edge Online Training Videos

The new VERUS Edge car diagnostic tool from Snap-on is backed up by industry-leading training and support, including online modules with in-depth advice.

New Sun Commercial Diagnostics Tablet From Snap-on

Find out how the new features of the next-generation Sun Commercial Diagnostics tablet from Snap-on can save time and boost profitability.

Snap-on Releases 16.4 Diagnostic Software Update

Find out about the new 16.4 diagnostic software update from Snap-on and how it can improve your handheld diagnostic tool.

New VERUS Edge Snap-on Diagnostic Unit

Find out about the new VERUS Edge handheld diagnostic tool from Snap-on - with its exclusive systems designed to help you with any workshop challenge.

New Sun Tyre Changers And Wheel Balancers

New into the Sun range of garage equipment from Snap-on is a series of packages that allow garages to expand their offering into wheel servicing.

New 16.2 Diagnostic Software Upgrade From Snap-on

Snap-on’s new 16.2 software upgrade means technicians’ handheld tools will provide the same comprehensive performance as on the first day of use.

Snap-on Launches State-Of-The-Art Emissions Analyser

Snap-on, brand leader in diagnostic tools and garage equipment for the automotive industry, has introduced to its Sun brand the new DGA5000 emissions analyser.

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