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New Snap-on SOLUS Legend Scan Tool Released

The new SOLUS Legend scan tool from Snap-on delivers an explosion of productivity with full vehicle diagnostic capabilities.

SOLUS Legend allows technicians to take on more jobs with access to manufacturer-specific coverage for more than 100 vehicle systems from over 30 makes.

Fast and productive features of SOLUS Legend include: 

  • Super-fast boot up - ready in just five seconds with diagnostic results in as little as 30 seconds
  • Detailed trouble codes definitions, live data, functional tests, relearns and adaptions
  • Customisable to work the way that technicians do with custom data lists, freeze-frame, PID sorting, pause, zoom, PID trigger, snapshot and cursor functions
  • Instant vehicle ID automatically powers up and reads the vehicle ID when connected
  • One-touch full-vehicle code scan and code clear performs a complete scan of all available vehicle systems
  • Verify diagnosis and repair with powerful bidirectional controls for operations such as injector balance, gauge sweep, misfire detection, brake bleed and EVAP
  • Embedded SMX® Operating System dedicated to diagnostic functions for fast, reliable operation
  • Automatically upload vehicle system reports via Wi-Fi to the Snap-on cloud (when using current software) and access them from a phone or computer; print, e-mail and text from there
The new SOLUS Legend scan tool from Snap-on
The new SOLUS Legend scan tool from Snap-on

SOLUS Legend also offers expert knowledge and tips from the 2019 Queen’s Award-winning SureTrack™, which delivers diagnostic experience and verified parts replacement records, harvested from millions of repair orders.*

In addition, technicians can record and play back all available live data parameters and graph any four on screen at once. 

The enhanced design features a large eight-inch display for better readability and greater ease of use.

The steady-charge lithium-ion battery system charges automatically from the vehicle, while a user-programmable hot key provides instant access to frequently used functions.  

Learn more about the SOLUS Legend.

* A current software subscription package or the latest software must be installed in order to get access. Wi-Fi connection is necessary.