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Snap-on Adds ADAS Systems Coverage Search To Website

Snap-on has added to its support of technicians working on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with the implementation of an online coverage information database.

The detail relates to the capabilities of the company’s Sun EZ ADAS Recalibration System and is accessible for free on desktop and mobile devices.

Information can be filtered by vehicle manufacturer, model, model year, and also by calibration type – including 360 View Camera, Blind Spot Monitor, Front Camera, Front Radar, Lane Watch, Night Vision Camera, and Rear Camera.

In-depth detail on the various target boards available for the EZ ADAS system can also be found in the coverage database.

This includes a visual representation of each board along with a breakdown of which manufacturers and models they are applicable to.

The coverage database works alongside a mobile phone app which provides users of the EZ ADAS system with all of the steps they require for a successful recalibration.

Once users have activated the app and entered the make, model and year of the vehicle they are working on, the app will show them the ADAS systems specific to that model.

This will allow them to easily follow all of the steps required to complete a recalibration.

The app will display pictures and videos related to setting up the EZ-ADAS system to work with the vehicle – including target placement and distance guides.

The app is supported on the iPhone 5s or higher running iOS 8.0 and later, and Android devices requiring software version 4.4 and above.

See the coverage database and find out how to access the mobile app.