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Sun DGA6000 LINK Vehicle Emissions Analyser

Model: DGA6000 LINK


And an industry leading support

Invest in the Sun DGA6000 LINK vehicle emissions analyser to get industry-leading benefits and a multi-functional tool that can grow with your workshop.

The new DGA6000 LINK has been engineered from start to finish to make your MoT testing process fast and reliable.  Every aspect of the DGA6000 LINK is designed to enhance your MoT bay and make your job easier and quicker. The new health check feature looks beyond your MoT bay to see where you could make additional revenue from vehicle faults.

  • DGA6000 LINK
  • vehicle emissions analyser
  • exhaust emissions testing
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*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

HC Measurements Range0-10000 ppm vol. Prop.CO Measurements Range0-15% vol.CO2 Measurements Range0-20% vol.O2 Measurements Range0-25% vol.Lambda (l) Measurements Range0-9.99RPM Measurements Range0-9999Voltage115/230VControl Cabinet Height (Including Monitor)1550mmFrequency47-63HzOperating Temperature5°C to 40°CControl Cabinet Width650mmCurrent7.5/6AControl Cabinet Depth710mmControl Cabinet Weight90kg approx.
Making the machine faster and more reliable for your test station.close modalComputer with Windows 10 operating system and fast Solid State Drive (SSD)

An industry first, the DGA6000 LINK has an inbuilt reporting function that will inform us if any discrepancies are reported, which allows the Snap-on product support team to respond faster to any issue allowing you to test more vehicles.

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Automatic fault reporting to Snap-on product support

Battery-operated petrol and diesel emissions modules, no 10 metre hose means no dragging cables and hoses across the workshop to the back of the car, plus a faster clear-up after every test.

Because the petrol and diesel modules are wireless, you don’t have to have power leads permanently connected like other manufacturers, so they are truly portable. Improvement in Screen time and less prone to blockages.

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True wireless petrol and diesel emissions modules easy movement

Making the system clear and easy for technicians to use.

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New Modern Appearance User Interface

If you've used a Sun machine before, you'll find menus and options in familiar places, while the software itself has been given a modernised look and feel. The interface is simple and intuitive so new users will also pick it up easily.

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Familiar feel to previous machines

Do more for your customers by identifying customer vehicle faults before they become a problem, including emissions related pending codes. This is done simultaneously whilst you are doing the test, no additional user input required.

Plus generate additional revenue by identifying and recommending repairs.

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OBD health check option with EOBD dongle*

In the workshop where you need it! Make the test flow faster with no writing down vehicle details on a scrap of paper, walking to the office and sitting down by the PC – just enter them and go.

DVSA access can be run as part of your workflow and accessed from the same device.

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Use as your DVSA device

Provides direct access to your automotive information system, search engine or social media support group, directly from the desktop of the DGA 6000 LINK.

Get to them within a couple of clicks.

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Quick links for your other garage software

The DGA6000 LINK doesn’t take up any more space than the previous machines.

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No extra space requirements

This is the “LINK” between your equipment and the DVSA’s MoT Testing System (MTS).

The DGA6000 Link has been designed and built to seamlessly integrate the MTS system, your emissions tester, the Sun brake tester and decelerometer. Providing you with a simple and familiar system that links it all together.

This design is unique to Snap-on and has the added advantage that your team won't then have to learn several different systems.

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Unique Snap-on IOT manager software**

Ideal for bays where your emissions machine is not near where you want to conduct the test. This is also ideal for when you want to upgrade your brake tester to be “connected” and integrate it within the DGA 6000 LINK.

Plus, it makes accessing the DVA MTS system even easier.

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Extra large 27” widescreen display

For “connected” stations, once the vehicle is logged in, the MTS, after selecting the DGA6000 LINK, all details such as the VRM, VIN and whether the vehicle is petrol or diesel are automatically populated, meaning less button pressing, less waiting and less chance of errors occurring.

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Approved for the new connected emissions regulation providing more time-saving features**

DGA6000 LINK allows the Snap-on supplied decelerometer to connect to the MOT testing service directly in one simple process. This new time saving feature eliminates the need for additional keys to be requested from the DVSA or for a separate program to be installed, set up and run. This will also report back decelerometer results. (Common with four-wheel drive vehicles).

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Integrated “connected” decelerometer software

For pre-OBD vehicles, this feature is included as standard with the DGA6000 LINK.

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New Wi-Fi oil temperature device

The unit is operated through a simple, icon-based system which requires no special training

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User friendly interface

Ensuring that there's always a wireless solution for sites that get wireless interference.

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Choice of connectivity options such as Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Access the filters easily at an appropriate working height for ergonomic benefit

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Making the machine faster and more reliable for your test station.

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Computer with Windows 10 operating system and fast Solid State Drive (SSD)

The DGA6000 LINK is ready for action in a matter of seconds

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Fast warm-up

  • Large 27in LCD monitor
  • Wireless laser A4 printer
  • Top spec branded PC
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Internet connectivity as standard (customer broadband connection required)
  • Wireless smoke meter (approved for category A and B testing)
  • Wireless RPM and oil temperature measurement device with ripple\battery measurement function
  • Wireless EOBD RPM and oil temperature trigger device

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Other highlights:

A remote mouse is provided so that you can even operate the programme while sitting in the car or walking around the bay

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Remote control functionality

Receive faster query resolution from the Snap-on team with remote access functionality

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Service and support

Ensures that any moisture which may get into the system or through the exhaust probe will not affect operation, meaning the DGA5000 has an unlimited water handling capacity

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Unique water trap feature
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