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Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite

Model: EETH310

Using infrared technology to reveal heat caused by friction, electrical resistance, pressure changes and more, the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite lets you track down vehicle faults and find the right fix faster than ever.

When connected to Wi-Fi, every image you capture with the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite is automatically uploaded to the Snap-on cloud so you can access them from your phone or computer whenever you need them.

This all helps to make your next diagnosis - and your next repair - faster and more accurate than your last.

The Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite is fully loaded with a database full of automotive applications, guided tests and reference images to help you interpret results, putting a more accurate diagnosis - and more productivity - in clear view on every job.

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*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

Rechargable lithium-ion battery life4 hoursScreen size4.3inTemperature visibility range-4°F to 840°F (-20°C to 450°C)Resolution480 x 272Screen refresh rate9x/second
Colour reference scale automatically calibrates, so you know the temperature of everything in the imageCustomised views on screen to assist in diagnosis and pinpointing locationDetect problems all around the vehicle: brakes, heated seats, misfires, worn bearings, belts, emission controls, and many moreErgonomic hand grip for comfort and easy access to tight areasFeatures image blending, split screen view, picture-in-picture view, record a video (20 seconds)Four-hour, high-power rechargeable lithium-ion battery with level indicatorIncludes Thermal Imager Elite, MicroSD card, AC adapter, USB cable and user guideLarge 4.3in 480 x 272 resolution screen and 9x/second refresh rate clearly reveal issuesPoint at any area of vehicle for detailed images of an object's heat signaturePull trigger to capture images; then use saved images to create convincing repair orders; save, store and print your images via Wi-Fi using the Snap-on cloudReference images show normal and failed components, so you know what to look for

From -4°F to 840°F (-20°C to 450°C)

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When using the most current software and connected to Wi-Fi, your Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite can automatically upload images to the Snap-on cloud.

This means you can access them from your phone or computer whenever you or your customer needs them.

With the Snap-on cloud, make your next diagnosis - and your next repair - quicker than ever before.

Learn more about the Snap-on cloud and start uploading today.

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