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Sun KoolKare Dual Gas 12 Car Air Conditioning Machine

Model: EEAC124D

The Dual Gas 12 is the most popular model in the KoolKare range as it is a fully automatic recovery and recycling unit with automatic taps, meaning you can set up the recycling procedure and leave it to run while you deal with other jobs in your workshop.

This unit services both R134a and HFO1234yf gas vehicles, and  it can service hybrid cars.  The Dual Gas 12 can also be further upgraded with KoolKlean, a revolutionary purification system that cleans and sanitises the vehicle, eliminating any bad odours, such as cigarette smoke and eradicates odour causing bacteria that build up over time in the cool, damp conditions within the AC system.

Dual Gas 12
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*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

Air Purge FeatureAutomatic air purgeDisplay7in colour touch screenFilters2 (1 for each refrigerant)KoolKlean SystemOptionalOptionalRecovery/Refrigerant Cylinder Capacity Feature2x 12L refillableScale Resolution±10gSemi or Fully Automatic ModelFully automatic/manualService Hose length2 sets x 3m eachType of RefrigerantR134a and R1234yfUnit Dimensions (WxDxH, mm)600 x 640 x 1100600 x 640 x 1100Vacuum Pump Capacity100 l/min rated capacity 0.2 mbar vacuum levelVoltage220-240v / 50-60 HzWeight90kg90kgWorking Temperature Range11 - 49°C

A comprehensive and fully updateable built-in vehicle database with the ability to add new vehicles, ensuring you can service all your customers' vehicles

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Extensive database

Unit automatically tracks and logs refrigerant usage in relation to recovery, system filling and bottle filling

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Refrigerant service archive

Prevent oil and dye bottle contamination and ensure a quality air conditioning service - the AC oil is hygroscopic and our system prevents moisture ingress

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Refillable hermetically sealed bottles

Provides quick and easy referencing

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100mm analogue gauges

Doubles as a customer receipt and tangible proof of maintenance

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Integrated printer provides you with the ability to produce your test results

Allows for the procedure to be carried out while the vehicle is raised on a lift

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3m long hoses (6m option available)

Carry out the optional KoolKlean purification (additional equipment required) at the same time as the AC recovery so you can complete the AC service while removing bad odours

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Multitask operations option

Don't just mask the problem, eliminate the root cause by eliminating the bacteria that causes the bad odour and leave the car smelling fresh - this is a great additional sales opportunity for your workshop

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Optional KoolKlean purification system

A colour coded light system is included so that even at the other end of your garage a simple glance will let you know what is happening

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Visual indicator system

Can be used to service hybrid cars - hybrid functionality is becoming commonplace and standard machines cannot service these vehicles

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Hybrid servicing

Saves time and increases workshop productivity as the process can be started left to run with no further user input

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Automatic system

Work with R134a and HFO1234yf gases - future-proof your workshop by saving space and having the functionality to service all vehicles

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One AC unit covering two gases

  • Accessory kit
  • Flushing kit
  • Nitrogen leak check kit

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Optional extras

The high resolution colour touchscreen display guides you through the air conditioning procedure

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User friendly 7in touchscreen interface
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