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Sun Baseless Two Post Car Lift


The Sun SVL HBL maximises floorspace to provide excellent access for battery lifting systems used for mounting and 
removing from electric and hybrid vehicles as well as lifting systems for mounting and demounting engine, gearbox, 
drive axle, fuel tank, and suspension components on internal combustion-powered vehicles. 
Available in two lifting configurations; SVL43 HBL (4-tonne) and SVL50 HBL (5-tonne). The SVL43 HBL is available in 
either 1 phase or 3-phase power configurations and the SVL50 HBL is available in a 3-phase power configuration only. 
The lifting ranges of the 4-tonne and 5-tonne versions are respectively 85-1900mm and 95-1900mm, making this lift 
suitable for a variety of vehicles from cars to light commercials.

2 Post Car Lift Baseless
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*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

Certified Maximum Weight (4T; 5T)4000kg; 5000kgHigh Configuration (5T)Inside 4919mm; Outside 5051mmLifting Time50sLowering Time60sMaximum Lifting Height1900mmOperationElectro-hydraulicPower Requirements400V, 3ph, 50 HzShort Configuration (5T)Inside 4319mm; 4451mm

On the 3.5T and 4T lifts, this gives a better centre of gravity when working on front wheel drive vehicles; the 5T lift is symmetric to ensure the loads are balanced which is more suitable for commercial vehicles

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Four arms with three-stage asymmetric configuration

The SVL range comes complete with 100mm high lifting adaptors for the 5T version and 55mm on the 3.5T and 4T versions

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Lifting adaptors

Special vehicle adaptors available on request

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Other accessories

The low profile arms are designed to lift sports vehicles and low skirted vehicles (not available on 5T version)

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Pad height 95mm

Our safety cut out for carriage de-synchronisation is unique to Snap-on

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Safety feature

The easy operations make your job quicker

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Single button descent operation

  • Single phase motor
  • Special lift pads
  • Two configurations for each model

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SVL baseless options:

Controls can be mounted on either post due to its symmetric design

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Symmetric posts
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