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SUN Truck Diagnostic Tool

Model: EESCEU114D1

Do you work with trucks, trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles? If so, the specialised Sun Truck Diagnostics Tool from Snap-on is the tool for you.

This Truck Diagnostic Tool for trucks utilises a guided diagnostics system to give you all of the information you need to diagnose today's complex jobs, while the latest features added include detailed interactive wiring diagrams and repair time estimation.

It provides detailed information about error codes and ECU technical data, along with the ability to perform functional tests on a wide range of areas, and the calibration of components - allowing you to complete a repair from start to finish rather than needing dealer assistance for the calibration.

The updated system is built to be light and thin yet powerful and rugged, providing optimal performance and durability in the workshop.

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Commercial Vehicle/Truck Diagnostics Unit | Snap-on
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AdBlue is an ECU system used to control emissions and meet government regulations that manufacturers have to comply with when producing new trucks.

It can also be listed as SCR - Selective Catalyst Reduction; or as Antipollution ECU. AdBlue, which was introduced in 2006 in most Euro 4 engines and is now standard in all Euro 5 engines, is used to reduce NOx gases by injecting an additive directly into the exhaust system - before the gases reach the catalytic converter.

Engine power can be reduced by up to 40 per cent in the event of a faulty AdBlue system, with common problems surrounding air supply valves, blocked exhaust injectors, and temperature sensors.

The Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit allows you to search for error codes in the vehicle's EDC (Engine System) and Anti-Pollution System to help you get to the root of the problem quickly.

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A complete solution helping you identify errors, parts, locations and more for every vehicle covered using images, diagrams, graphs and data

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Detailed Technical Information

Saving you time by getting to the options you need fast

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Direct Access to Special Functions

Detailed diagrams show you how systems are configured and let you easily access technical data and advice to help speed up your diagnosis

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Interactive Wiring Diagrams

Extends the range of vehicles a workshop can deal with

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Optional agricultural vehicle coverage

The capabilities of the commercial diagnostics unit can be extended by adding the optional ETM module, which consists of the software and cables required to be able to verify and test EBS modulators.

If, when you have completed a diagnostic procedure, an error is identified with the EBS modulators, the ETM module will guide you step-by-step through the procedure and gives you information about the modulator connector and cables required.

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Optional ETM Module

Frequently-used vehicle data and procedures are grouped together for easy access

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Relevant Technical Data and Procedures

Provides an estimated time required to complete a repair, meaning you can give a more accurate estimate of the cost of the work to the customer

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Repair Times

Takes away the requirement for a separate tool to carry out this work

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Reprogram ECUs on expert mode (not applicable to all makes and models)

The Sun Commercial Diagnostics Unit is updated three times a year to ensure that it is armed with all of the latest information to deal with the new vehicles coming on to the market.

Your first three updates are included in the price of your unit and all subsequent updates are chargeable after the first 12 months.

Each update brings with it additional manufacturer and system coverage so that the unit's capabilities are always on track with the latest developments.

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Over-Air Automatic Software Update

Detects only the systems that are specific to your vehicle and reads for errors, meaning you haven't got to spend time looking through data that might not be relevant

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System Detection

Real-time data can be compared against known good measurements

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System Display and Virtual Instruments

Use detailed step-by-step guides to help you diagnose and fix the problem

  • Expert mode
  • Date- and time-stamped programming and coding

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Troubleshooting by Symptoms

Easily access the history and data of a vehicle you have worked on previously simply by entering its registration number, avoiding time-consuming searches

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Vehicle ID by Number Plate
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