Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Laser


Featuring both laser and thermal components, the Diagnostic Thermal Laser combines pinpoint temperature readings of up to 982°C (538°C in thermal mode) and thermal imaging capabilities for unrivalled performance on a greater variety of applications — all with just one tool.


It's a two-in-one system with thermal and laser modes, ideal for jobs such as checking inlet and outlet temperatures of catalytic converters.



  • Laser-guided measurement of temperatures up to 982°C and enables “delta” readings when capturing lowest to highest temperature readings
  • Supports thermal blending, letting you see images in context
  • Visible light camera with storage for hundreds of images
  • Built-in LED light
  • Control trigger for capturing pictures
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Laser and thermal components
  • 1,024 temperature readings
  • 32x32 thermal sensor resolution
  • Storage for hundreds of images
  • Thermal Image Blending, plus a visible-light camera to provide more detail
  • Maximum temperature readings:
    • Laser mode: 982°C
    • Thermal mode: 538°C
  • Delta reading in laser mode captures highs, lows and delta
  • Trigger captures pictures and stores hundreds of images
  • Trigger capture for images and temperature readings alike
  • Ergonomic pistol-grip design for easy, precise control
  • 2.8in colour display
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