Sun EZ ADAS™ Recalibration System

Bring unmatched productivity, performance and value to your workshop and be ready for the next generation of tests with the Sun EZ ADAS™ Recalibration System.


EZ ADAS is an innovative collection of precision tools with sophisticated design.


Using laser measurement and intuitive target adjustment features it reduces the risk of errors.


Our solution includes a comprehensive target kit, minimal recalibration alignment components and simplified instructions making it more efficient than other systems on the market, significantly reducing set-up steps.


This system works hand-in-hand with our diagnostic tools using current software, supplying you market-leading ADAS coverage and robust features to complete the job right the first time.



  • Rotating cross beam, fewer components and a smaller footprint make the system easier to manoeuvre and store when not in use
  • Target stand:
    • Highly visible integrated and adjustable rulers 
    • Multi-position lever locks to easily secure target
    • Clutch brake height adjuster allows precision front camera target height positioning
    • The Zero Stop allows precise front camera target positioning for select auto manufacturers
    • Tape measure mounted stand, one-person target positioning and set-up
    • Rotating cross beam allows system to fit in and fit through the smallest of spaces
  • The AS10 Fixture with laser and mirror for faster and easier alignment positioning for front, rear and radar recalibration
  • The RAD10 Fixture (optional) is a simple and efficient tool to quickly align, measure and recalibrate
  • Graduated, easy-to-see laser positioning guides help to quickly align fixtures to vehicle position
  • Green line lasers for multi-position use to support various system recalibrations
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