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STC5305 Tyre Changer

If you’re a general repair shop largely handling standard steel and manufacturer-produced alloy rims, the Sun STC5305 is the tyre changer you need.


STC5325 Tyre Changer

Add the ability to deal with ultra-high performance tyres to your services with the Sun STC5325 tyre changer, which is suitable for all workshop types.


STC5545 Tyre Changer

Dealing with all types of tyres, especially run-flats and ultra-high performance? The Sun STC5545 tyre changer covers your customers’ requirements.

Service a wide range of tyres and wheel types, including alloys, run-flats and ultra-low profile, with the Sun tyre changers.

The STC5305 single-speed tyre changer with assist arm is designed for general repair shops.
The Sun STC5325 is a tyre changer designed for all workshop types.
The Sun STC5545 is a tyre changer designed for all workshop types.


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