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CD Motors in Rhondda, south Wales, relies on its quality, customer care and service offering to retain customers. Owner Clive Dando explains how a Snap-on wheel aligner added a new dimension to his business:

"CD Motors opened in 1991 and we have since become one of the most reputable and longest running garages in Rhondda.

"We have always strived to give the very best in garage services to our customers and we expect the same level of quality and service from our suppliers. 

"I’ve been in this industry for 39 years, and I’ve been dealing with Snap-on Tools for 33 of them. I have always thought that Snap-on’s customer service and quality was excellent.

"So once I discovered that they supplied wheel aligners, it seemed like a good choice. That was in 2012; five years on and I’ve never had an issue with my aligner. 

"Over the last five years we have seen wheel alignment grow in general. Prior to 2012 we only provided basic tracking to our customers.

"Our 3D four wheel aligner does a more comprehensive and accurate job and as a result we are now able to do more work with body shops. This has been a good growth area for us. 

"We'd like to think our garage is a friendly one and we don’t like to hide behind jargon or technical terms.

"That’s why I like the before and after visual reports on the aligner; they are in colour and make it easy for me to show the customer what has been done. It is a nice clear way of explaining the job.  

"I have always been pleased with the service I’ve received from Snap-on. We regularly have our aligner calibrated by a Snap-on engineer. They are always on time and show up when agreed.

"Since purchasing the aligner we have also purchased a VERUS Pro [car diagnostic tool]. It has been a useful tool for us – we always keep it updated with the latest software package. As a whole I have been very happy with Snap-on."