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GMS in Devon offers a broad range of services from vehicle repairs to bodywork and paint refinishing. Owner and diagnostic technician Gary Wilkins is growing his business and tells us why his Snap-on VERUS Edge car diagnostic tool is helping him every day. 

“We upgraded to the VERUS Edge from the SOLUS Edge this year. The VERUS stood apart from anything else in the market.

"We’ve always thought SureTrack was good and then there are the Technical Service Bulletins which are great part of the VERUS.

"Across the board, it is a good diagnostic tool which I keep with me through the day. 

“We use it as our central hub – we run everything through it from customer bookings to ordering parts.

Familiar Diagnostic Platform

"Because it’s based on Windows everything syncs up making life easy – I don’t have to keep having to move up to our office upstairs. I have all the information there.  

“The most useful part of the tool for me is the scope. It tells me what’s wrong and I don’t have to rely on guess work.

"Also the scanner data it is second to none. We had to do one job where a new injection pump had been supplied, but when it had been fitted it didn’t solve the problem.

"I was able to use the VERUS Edge to test to see if it was the wiring or the injection pump.

"It was the injection pump and as it was in warranty we sent it back – we saved money on that job.

“We’re on subscription – the data is great and having regular updates means I’m always up to date.


"Being on subscription gives me access to SureTrack. I was working on a job this morning which had 19 proven fixes. I suspected the issue but the info confirms what I believed was faulty.

"It’s like having a discussion with 10 other garages, if the majority find the same solution it gives you confidence – it’s the law of averages.”

Read more about the VERUS Edge or go to the GMS Tavistock Facebook page to find out about the company's services.

Gary Wilkins of GMS in Tavistock

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