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RAG Collections keeps a fleet of vehicles in top condition at its site – a Second World War munitions factory in Reading. Workshop manager Dally Kvasai explains how Snap-on overcame reinforced concrete, internal water pipes and cabling to install a new Sun MOT bay for the business.

"RAG Collections picks up rugs, books, shoes and sells on to charity shops. Maintenance and repairs of the vehicle fleet are managed by me. This part of the business has built up over a period of time, but the cost savings of servicing 'in-house' are good.

"In fact, we also do private work which generates some additional side revenue.

Customer Service

"I'm a lifetime Snap-on customer. Yes, you sometimes pay more, but what you also get is very good customer service.

"When we started considering an MOT bay, Snap-on was recommended to me by a friend who was very familiar with the DVSA regulations. That's when Mike Williams, Snap-on’s technical sales representative, got involved.

"It took me a while to get to the stage where we were ready to book an installation date in the diary with Mike. Our bosses were worried about the disruption and it was difficult to find a time which was quiet enough to justify the work.

"However, once we got going I was really impressed.

RAG Collections workshop manager Dally Kvasai

"The biggest challenge for this project was working out where the MOT bay was going to go as all the pipe work for the building is within the internal walls. It meant a lot of mapping out on Mike's part.

"The groundwork team had a task ahead of them. They spent 14-16 hours working away at the reinforced concrete – there was dust everywhere, but once they packed up the space was back to normal. They were amazing. 

Project Management

"Mike did a great job of managing this project; I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. There is so much information and paperwork to absorb."

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