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Snap-on® Diagnostic Software Upgrade Brings New Benefits to the Workshop

Upgrading to the new diagnostic software release from Snap-on will see technicians benefit from improved productivity and more vehicle coverage than ever before – preparing them to take on the toughest jobs with confidence.

A substantial amount of the new coverage is relating to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to meet the ever-growing requirements for advanced repairs and calibrations on modern vehicles.

Examples of the additions include adaptive cruise control modules on several Alfa Romeo and Fiat models, blind spot monitoring for Hyundai, Land Rover and Mazda variants, Vauxhall Mokka parking assistance and lane keep assist on several Renault and Lexus vehicles.

The new ADAS coverage is on top of the wide range of new vehicles and systems added in the latest upgrade, which is released to customers in early April.

Software Update Highlights

  • Model year update to 2018 for: Audi®; Citroën®; Ford®; Fuso®; Jaguar®; Lexus®; Mazda®; Mercedes®; Peugeot®; Seat®; Skoda®; Subaru®; Suzuki®; Toyota®; Volkswagen
  • Coverage for 32 manufacturers in total
  • Parking brake maintenance mode added to all Volvo XC90 models from 2015 onwards
  • Brake bleeding and battery replacement on various BMW models
  • Key programming on Citroën and Peugeot models
  • Honda immobiliser special function added
  • Hyundai ix35 PDE hydrogen fuel cell systems added
  • Towbar configuration special function added for six Renault models
  • Airbag lock and unlock special function with codes, data and tests added to all applicable Dacia models from 2010 onwards

Component Test Meter content has been increased with the addition of three new How To classes – Evaporative Emissions, Electronically Controlled Transmission, and Driver Assistance Technology – bringing the total number of classes available to 51.

These are supported by four new vehicle-specific case studies and coverage for 29 manufacturers within CTM.

Purchasing the update also back-fills technicians’ tools with all of the information from each previous Snap-on release, bringing the capability to deal with late-model and older vehicles alongside support for facing the new challenges coming into the workshop each day.

The Snap-on Cloud

The upgrade allows technicians to automatically upload pre-scan and post-scan vehicle system reports for fast access and sharing from computers and mobile devices via the Snap-on cloud at

This functionality is newly- added for the Snap-on ZEUS™ and VERUS® Edge platforms, while it is also available on the MODIS Edge™ and SOLUS Edge™ tools.

ZEUS and VERUS Edge users will also benefit from improved management and storage of vehicle photos and diagnostic screenshots, along with faster access on their units to recently-scanned vehicles.

Users of the ZEUS, SOLUS Edge, MODIS Edge and Ultra platforms, and the VERUS and VERDICT® family of products, also get exclusive access to SureTrack™ with the upgrade.

This comprehensive source of expert knowledge helps technicians improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce repair time with diagnostic experience, repair timesavers and verified parts replacement records taken from millions of successful repair orders.

Subscribe, Stay Covered, Save Money

The most straightforward way for technicians to ensure they are constantly covered with software upgrades and real-time information is to take out a Snap-on Software Subscription.

The plan brings a financial saving compared to paying outright for each release individually and includes continued access to all of the latest data provided by SureTrack, Technical Service Bulletins and Snap-on Information System (qualifying platforms only).

See the full range of vehicle and system coverage in the new Snap-on diagnostic software upgrade.

Satisfy your customers with complete and confident repairs supported by simpler, faster and smarter fixes in the new Snap-on diagnostic software upgrade.

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