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See The New Laser And Sonar Wheel Balancer From Sun

The latest wheel balancer from Sun – the SWB340L – provides users with pinpoint accuracy, faster measuring and balancing times, and a wide range of other benefits to the workshop.

Sun’s easyWEIGHT pinpoint laser indicator helps users of the SWB340L locate the exact spot on the wheel that they need to apply the weights, aided by a high-intensity rim light to improve vision.

Added to the laser indicator is the combination of Smart Sonar and 2D SAPE (semi-automatic parameter entry) which speeds up the measurement process as the sonar element provides a 30 per cent time saving against entering the data manually.

The SWB340L also features Wi-Fi connectivity, so users can connect to their own networks and transmit data to and from computers for display and printing.

Designed to work on car, light truck and motorcycle wheels, the SWB340L allows technicians to split the position of weights and hide them behind wheel spokes, creating a better visual finish for the customer, while a reduced cycle time and easy-to-use touchscreen monitor streamline the balancing process even further.

Find out more about the new Sun SWB340L wheel balancer.

The new SWB340L touchscreen wheel balancer from Sun.