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The Complete Fix - AC Warning Light Illuminated

A vehicle arriving in your workshop with the air conditioning warning light illuminated can be diagnosed, repaired and verified with the aid of handheld tools and garage equipment from Snap-on.

First of all, connect a Snap-on VERUS Edge scan tool to the vehicle in order to discover the presence of the fault codes that are causing the AC warning light to be illuminated.

Once the problems have been established, a Sun KoolKare Blizzard PRO air conditioning machine should then be connected so that the gases in the vehicle’s AC system can be removed safely before repair work can begin.

Having completed the repair, use the KoolKare to pressure test the system with the nitrogen pressure function, followed by its vacuuming of the system to remove all the non-condensables before filling with the required gas.

Run the vehicle to check that the air conditioning system is operating at correct pressures.

The last stage is to re-connect the VERUS Edge to the vehicle to verify that the AC system is now working correctly and that there are no further fault codes, and also to clear any codes present.